4 Best Sites For Freebies

With the tough economic times, everyone is looking for easier and better ways to save money.  Getting the opportunity to save a few coins can be satisfying, but getting access to free quality stuff is even more fulfilling and gratifying. Many companies give free samples of their products (especially new products) as a way to woo more customers to them. Finding access to freebies can, however, be elusive especially if you don’t know where to start. Luckily enough, there are plenty of sites online that make access to freebies very easy. Some of these sites include:

1. Reddit (subreddit Freebies+eFreebies)

Reddit works in an almost similar way as Craigslist.  Regular online users generate freebies on a daily basis thus making it possible for one to find free samples, discounts, and unbelievable deals easily. Most of the offers and freebies are regularly updated, hence the perfect place to start looking. Be sure to start with Freebies and eFreebies for the best deals. 

2. BzzAgent

BzzAgent will give you access to free products for as long as you can provide honest reviews about the same. This site works a lot differently from other freebie sites too.  The company sends you select products to your home for testing, where you should provide an opinion after using it. The site also runs a reward program that users can earn points when they recommend the product to friends and family. 

3. HotFreeStuff

This is one of the most popular freebie sites today. It has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Sun, and many other sites. Free Stuff works by linking consumers with companies offering free samples, deals, and other goodies. The site has been operational since 2023 and has continued to provide easy access to crazy deals and freebies to millions of users. 

4. Gumtree

Gumtree gives you access to plenty of free stuff, items some people consider junk. Some of the things you can find on Gumtree include vintage typewriters, dishwashers, trampolines, and other ‘usable’ items. Most of these products are donated or given up by individuals who don’t need them anymore.  While you can provide your address for shipping, you may have to pick the item yourself from the source.

Some of the products here may be up for sale (at a fraction of the cost), while others come as gifts.  Some level of patience and active browsing on the site is needed to find quality stuff here. You could also put up an advertisement detailing what you are looking for, and then wait for offers to trickle in. 

Expert Tips

1. Don’t use your primary email for freebies

Unless you are up for unwanted calls and spam emails, set up a secondary email address to use for freebies and any subscriptions needed to claim products. This is important considering some of the companies will flood your account with spam emails. 

2. Always proceed with caution

Do not have an emotional attachment to a freebie you saw online. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Some deals may sound too good to be true, which is why some caution is needed. According to Professor Dan Ariely, freebie items make some of us drop our guard, which many come to regret later on. Some common sense is also needed when picking a freebie. It would be best to let go of deals that sound too good to be true, and also avoid giving up your email address or personal info for something that isn’t worth the pain.  Be sure to read terms of service before signing up with any freebie site.  While some deals are worth the try, some aren’t.

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