Project 365 2024 – Week 22

Half term and a welcome break from exam stress, although Isaac has attended revision sessions at school almost everyday this week.

We haven’t managed to get away, but have enjoyed some lovely local days out.

Here is our week:

Sunday 26th May

I had a day catching up on washing and housework, in between playing Mum’s taxi for the kids busy social lives.

In the evening we had a works meal out at Circo Lounge in Westbourne. It was a lovely evening made even better by having two for one cocktails, as we had a fairly early start. I had a mango and passionfruit cooler – it was delicious.

Monday 27th May

Bank holiday Monday and the roads into Bournemouth and Poole were manic, mainly due to the good weather. Luckily, as locals, we know where the beaches would be empty and headed down for a blustery walk.

I’d love to say it was a peaceful walk, but the kids insisted on playing tag, so it was very much a half sprint, half trying to strategically space yourself away from whoever was “it”.

Tuesday 28th May

I bought my Mum an afternoon tea at Sculpture By The Lakes for Mother’s Day and we booked May, hoping the weather would be nice. Sadly we didn’t have the sun, but at least it stayed dry, for the most part anyway.

We took our time exploring the sculptures, which are dotted around, and in, two lakes in Pallington, Dorset. The wind chimes were especially gorgeous as it was such a windy day.

The walk was the perfect prequel to the afternoon tea and we were both ready for a sit down and a cuppa. Nothing quite prepared us for what was to come!!

OMG it was amazing. The afternoon tea came presented on a Sculpture itself and was absolutely incredible. We couldn’t quite finish it all, but had a good go and took the remainder of the cakes home to share.

Wednesday 29th May

For those of you who don’t follow our exploits, Eliza and Isaac are heavily into musical theatre and have been begging to see Hamilton for ages. For their birthday’s, I bought tickets to the UK tour and we headed to Bristol Hippodrome to see it.

Kian, who lives in Bristol, took charge of Sebby and took him for an adventure in Bristol, whilst we watched the show.

Hamilton was incredible. I know all the songs thanks to the soundtrack being on repeat on school runs, but the kids do skip to their favourites, so now the story actually made sense. After the show, we headed to the stage door where we met some of the cast members.

Thursday 30th May

After a busy day, we enjoyed a quiet day at home and Sebby had a friend come and stay the night.

We thought we had lost Eliza at one point, until we found a light shining in her wardrobe – she was hiding from the noise of the boys.

Friday 31st May

After a 4am wake up call by the boys, who thought it was a great time to wake up and start playing on the Switch, I struggled to wake them up the next morning.

It was Eliza’s turn for a sleepover tonight and thankfully they were less noisy and helped me to catch up on a couple of reviews.

Saturday 1st June

Isaac had a double revision session at school and decided to head out with his friends afterwards, so we headed to Blue Pool with the other kids.

It is a beautiful location in the Purbeck Hills and because of the clay particles in the water, it really does look the most amazing blue colour. They have changed hands since our last visit and there are been improvements to their cafe area as well as a new rope bridge, which is apparently the longest in the UK.

Of course, the kids favourite area was the park!

How was your week?

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3 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 22”

  1. Aww! That post box topper is so cute!
    It sounds like a nice week. The beach trip sounds like fun and the afternoon tea looks amazing!!
    Hamilton is on our list of shows that we want to see. How cool that you got to meet some of the cast. x

  2. The first picture with the maypole is so cute! The sculpture trail and afternoon tea sound really nice. That was a lot of food!
    What a lovely week you’ve had.

  3. I can imagine Bournemouth and Poole must get very busy in good weather. Nice to have the local knowledge of where the quieter beaches are. Sculpture by the Lakes looks like a lovely place to visit for afternoon tea. What an amazing spread you had! Glad you enjoyed seeing Hamilton. We saw it in London a while ago and it was amazing. How lovely to meet some of the cast too. Blue Pool looks like a gorgeous place to visit. #project365


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