How to Balance Fun and Learning on a Student Tour

If you’re about to embark on a school trip with college or university, you’ve got an amazing journey ahead of you! Student tours allow you to explore new destinations with friends while making lifelong memories. But to get the most out of your trip, it’s key to find the right balance between absorbing knowledge and having fun. We’ve shared our best tips for optimising both the educational and recreational elements of your tour. Read on for advice on living your best student travel life! 

Maximise Learning Opportunities

To soak up all the learning possible on your trip, be sure to attend everything, even if some activities seem boring at first glance. You’ll likely end up learning something new and fascinating if you engage on student trips. Take notes and photos when visiting educational sites like museums or historic landmarks. Reviewing these later will help solidify the memories and lessons. Have real conversations with the local people you encounter, not just tour guides, as this provides wonderful perspectives. 

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Reflect on Your Learnings

One of the best ways to fully process and remember all the things you learned and experienced on your trip is to spend 10 minutes each evening reflecting in a journal. Find a quiet spot and jot down the highlights of your day – what stood out, what sparked your curiosity, what gave you a new perspective? Writing helps solidify memories and learning. Be sure to document the key facts you learned at educational sites and museums. Also, write down interesting cultural observations, any fascinating conversations you had with locals, foods you tried for the first time, and more. 

Make Time for Fun

While learning is important, you also want to make sure you have an absolute blast! Explore independently or with friends occasionally to discover quirky shops, cosy cafes, and pockets of local life. Make friends with other students as well as local people, when possible, as having buddies makes everything more enjoyable. Capture loads of photos to look back on later and reminisce about the laughs and adventures. Try unique adventure activities like hiking, water sports, or ziplining to create brilliant memories. Don’t just observe cultural traditions and cuisine; actively participate by dancing, cooking, painting, and playing local sports when you can. 

Get off the Beaten Path

One of the best ways to have a unique and memorable student trip is to get off those crowded tourist trails and discover hidden gems. While major cities are incredible, nothing beats finding those spots only the locals know about. This allows you to experience the destination more authentically. Speak to local people like your tour guide, hostel staff, or friendly residents. Ask them for suggestions on where to find underrated cafes with amazing coffee, quirky boutiques, serene parks, street art alleys, flea markets, and more. Not only will this allow you to see amazing non-touristy places, but you’ll get to know the locals better and likely make some new friends. 

Follow these tips to soak up all the learning and fun from your student trip! Immerse yourself fully, engage with every opportunity that comes your way, go with the flow and appreciate every moment.

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