Project 365 2024 – Week 23

If I am honest I haven’t been great at taking photo’s this week as it has been back to work / school.

Birthday month has begun, with Abbey and Nanny’s on 6th June. 2 down, 4 to go!

Here is our week:

Sunday 2nd June

The last day of the half term holiday’s and we headed to Abbotsbury Swannery to see the cygnets.

We timed our visit perfectly and were lucky enough to watch as a couple of cygnets hatched.

After we had wandered around the Swannery we headed to Weymouth for a walk along the prom and a cheeky ice cream!

Monday 3rd June

Back to school and the dreaded GCSE exams.

My only photo from the day is a picture of my charity bookstand at work. It raised the most money in a month in May, just shy of £500 for a lovely local charity that takes disabled people and their carers on free boat trips around Poole Harbour..

Tuesday 4th June

I much needed hair cut for Eliza and I.

Eliza used to have the most gorgeous white / blonde hair but it has got really dark over the last year, so I gave in and let her have a few highlights put through the top to brighten it up.

Wednesday 5th June

They have been doing a promotion at McDonalds recently where you can win stuff and Isaac and his friends were lucky enough to win some inflatable fries. Not sure what they are going to do with it, but it’s quite cool.

Thursday 6th June

Abbey’s 31st birthday and her present was tickets to see Frozen in London before it stops. How have a got a daughter of that age?

I headed to Poole Foodbank to take some picnic goodies for some of their families who are being treated to a day out at Marwell Zoo.

Friday 7th June

Before my holiday I was tasked with creating something to show how we support our local community and I finally managed to put it up, with the help of a couple of colleagues as it’s huge!

Fingers crossed that people actually take notice of it.

Saturday 8th June

We have quite a lot of holiday and absence at work so I agreed to do a long shift.

When I got home I found Willow wanting to get out of her vivarium, so let her out for a roam.

How was your week?

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3 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 23”

  1. Aww! The cygnet is just adorable and what great timing to see them hatch.
    Eliza looks very happy to be getting highlights.
    hahaha at those inflatable fries.
    Happy birthday to Abbey! I hope she had a good time seeing Frozen! x

  2. How nice to see the cygnets hatching. Not many people can say they’ve seen that happen. Love the inflatable fries. N’s more of a Nandos fan, and as our Macdonalds in town closed, we have to go out of ton now which is a faff.


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