Autonomous Driving Meets Connectivity: Exploring Chevrolet’s Technological Features

Modern cars bear virtually no resemblance to their ancestors. So much has changed when it comes to design and technological advancements. Aside from four wheels and a steering wheel, modern cars are a different breed to their predecessors.

Vehicle manufacturer’s such as Chevrolet have fully embraced the technology at their disposal to create models that are positively bristling with incredible features and advanced options that make driving as safe and pleasurable as possible.

When you book a Chevrolet service, for instance, your vehicle will be subjected to diagnostics and procedures that are fully aligned with the needs of a 21st century vehicle. When it comes to the technological features built into your Chevrolet, for instance, it is abundantly clear that we are in an exciting era of motoring where autonomous driving and connectivity are able to achieve almost perfect synchronicity.

Let’s put Chevrolet in the spotlight and take a look at some of the incredible technological features that have become synonymous with what the brand represents in the modern motoring arena.

Keeping you entertained and informed with cutting edge technology

Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that a new Chevrolet model would bear almost no resemblance to what it was able to offer motorists even a decade ago. Prime examples of where there changes are most visible are when it comes to the infotainment systems you get on board a new Chevrolet.

You can now enjoy great entertainment and detailed driving data to make your journey as enjoyable and safe as possible, thanks to Chevrolet’s state-of-the-art infotainment systems.

It is fair to say that the infotainment system in each of the latest Chevrolet models can be described as revolutionary. Your screen can be seen as a gateway to entertainment, reliable navigation, and brilliant connectivity options.

The infotainment system offers intuitive touch controls and takes advantage of voice recognition technology so that you can issue commands such as changing the temperature in the car, choosing a favorite track to play, or even sending a text message, without taking your hands off the wheel.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Keeping you safer than ever before, thanks to technology

Arguably, one of the key areas of technology that has impacted vehicle design standards is the rolling out of safety assist features. Chevrolet vehicles offer an impressive array of technology features labeled as Safety Assist features.

These features go way beyond seatbelts and airbags. Features such as Forward Collision Alert and Automatic Emergency Braking are designed to greatly improve the safety profile of drivers and passengers.

With Forward Collision Alert, for instance, the system automatically scans the immediate road ahead to provide you with advanced warning of any potential collision scenario. This gives you vital extra time to be able to react and take avoidance measures.

Sometimes, you need technology to help get you out of a tight spot and even guide you away from a collision altogether. Automatic Emergency Braking does what it says on the tin. It takes over in critical situations and is designed to reduce the severity of an impact or even avoid a collision happening in the first place.

Other notable technology features that come as standard on most current Chevrolet models include IntelliBeam Adaptive Headlights and Lane Keep Assist.

IntelliBeam is a new generation of smart headlights that will adjust their beam pattern to adapt to current driving conditions. This helps improve your level of visibility without dazzling other drivers.

The Lane Keep Assist feature also includes Lane Departure Warning. This technology has been designed to monitor road markings and will subtly adjust your steering if you start to drift into another lane without signaling.

Driving conditions and potential accidents can sometimes be hard to predict, as things can change in an instant. With all of these technology-backed safety features you have a much better chance of reacting safely and avoiding a potential collision.

Embracing our digital lifestyle

Most of us are fully intertwined with smart technology and it is an integral aspect of our daily lives, allowing us to be fully connected with a digital lifestyle wherever we may be.

That means you want your car to be a communications center and provide you with a seamless level of connectivity even when you are on the move. Connectivity and mobile integration are one when it comes to what Chevrolet’s technology has to offer.

Your vehicle will allow you the opportunity to align with your digital lifestyle thanks to its infotainment system, together with advanced features such as wireless charging, WiFi hotspot technology, and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to integrate all of your smartphone features through your car’s infotainment system.

Being able to charge your smartphone using the charging pad on board takes away the need for wires and means you will never have any worries about battery power levels. The 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot feature in the latest Chevrolet models provides a connection for up to seven devices, ensuring that everyone in the vehicle stays connected and entertained.

The move to autonomous driving

Another hugely important innovation is the development of autonomous driving technology.

Chevrolet is pioneering a new level of integration as a result of its Sensor Fusion and Lidar Integration features. These are at the very core of their autonomous driving systems.

These systems use a variety of sophisticated technology features such as ultrasonic sensors, radars, and cameras to provide a real-time view of your car’s surroundings. It then uses Lidar Integration to map the environment with astonishing precision, identifying any potential obstacles and notable contours with unerring accuracy.

When you see how these two advanced technologies work in such incredible synchronicity and accuracy you get a strong sense of reassurance that Chevrolet has got your safety and ability to make informed driving decisions fully covered.

If you get behind the wheel of the new breed of Chevrolet models you get a true sense of how technology has evolved and impacted the motor industry. You will be driving a car that has truly been future-proofed and takes your motoring experience to a new level.

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