Summoning Winter Vibes in Hot Climates: The Secret to Making Frozen Hot Chocolate

When you think of hot chocolate, you probably think of the winter time, when there’s snow on the ground and the temperatures have fallen below zero. But did you know that you can enjoy the rich taste of hot chocolate in a different form? It’s called frozen hot chocolate, and it’s actually very easy to make. You just need a few ingredients and one powerful tool on your side.

The Secret Is Getting The Right Mix

The first secret to having great frozen hot chocolate is to actually make hot chocolate first. Whether you’re using a powder mix or chocolate syrup, you want to ensure that it’s mixed properly together with milk and you can only achieve that with a great Immersion Blender. Simmer the milk and add your chocolate and a little sugar, then use your immersion blender to ensure that it’s all mixed together properly.

Allowing It To Cool Properly

Then once your hot chocolate is all mixed together, then you have to let it cool completely. If you add the ice too quickly while it’s still warm, then you’re only going to end up with watered-down hot chocolate, and that’s not going to taste very good. Wait until your hot chocolate cools completely and then you can add your ice.

Use A Blender

If you don’t have an immersion blender, you can always use a regular blender to make your frozen hot chocolate. Once your chocolate mixture has cooled completely, then you can add it to the blender along with the ice. Then blend until everything is all mixed up and slushie. If you want to make the job easier, you can use crushed ice instead of cubes so that the job is easier on your blender.

The Type Of Milk You Use

You can typically use regular milk, but if you’re lactose intolerant, then you might want to choose another type of milk. Coconut or oat milk tend to produce thicker, creamier results, while other types of milk may be more watery. It really depends on what you preferences are.

The Type Of Chocolate

Powdered hot chocolate is easier to come by, but it can feel a bit grainy in your mouth if it’s not mixed properly. Chocolate syrup is definitely a better choice, since there aren’t any grains to worry about and it’s easier to mix in your milk. However, if you have an immersion blender, then there really is no difference between the two. Chocolate syrup, however, can provide you with much more frozen hot chocolates per container than powdered hot chocolate sachets.

If you’re looking for the best way to make frozen hot chocolate at any time of the year, then it’s important that you have the right ingredients as well as the right blender. An immersion blender does a great job of blending together all of your ingredients more effectively right in the pot you’re making your hot chocolate in. It’s a good idea to compare the blenders that are out there to see which one is best suited to your needs.

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