Project 365 2024 – Week 25 & 26

Well last weekend was certainly a busy one for me as we had not one, not two, but three birthday’s to celebrate.

Sebby turned 11, I turned 50 and Callan turned 27.

Here is our last couple of weeks.

Sunday 16th June

Father’s Day but my husband was working, so it was late visit to see my father-in-law, with the boys opting to play football.

I did have to pop in to Tesco and noticed that my favourite flowers were finally in stock, so I had to buy a couple of bunches for home.

Monday 17th June

More flowers – this time I found them on top of my bin.

They were any early birthday gift from Abbey’s mother-in-law as she was off to Spain over my birthday.

Tuesday 18th June

A day off for both my husband and I and I finally managed to book my Christmas present – a Bird of Prey experience, but we stopped off for a cheeky breakfast treat first.

The experience was amazing and I got to fly the birds by myself for two hours.

Owls have always been my favourite, but flying bigger birds is great fun. Your arm does ache after a while though.

Wednesday 19th June

My day at preschool and because it was my birthday week I promised to buy the kids a treat.

As the weather finally decided to warm up, I bought them all ice lollies, which went down very well.

It is tricky to see thanks to the reflection on my windscreen, but managed to spot a deer own a track whilst taking my son to his friends house.

Thursday 20th June

Sebby’s 11th birthday.

At the age of 11, the presents are all clothes and money and he did very well in both departments – I think I might go to him for a loan LOL!!

In the evening, it was all about Isaac as it was his Year 11 Prom.

He arrived in a bright green Camaro, with many of his friends also choosing exciting modes of transport, including a bus, horse and army jeep.

Friday 21st June

I turned 50 – if I didn’t know, I would never have guessed.

Abbey booked us in for Afternoon Tea at Love Cake in Swanage which was delicious. There was so much food we brought loads home for the kids though.

She did make me wear a huge birthday badge though – it was nice being wished a happy birthday by complete strangers.

The rest of the day was really chilled, which was a good job as I was too full to move.

Saturday 22nd June

Sebby’s birthday party at Bowl Central in Bournemouth.

It is a small, personal bowling alley and the boys were slightly disappointed that there were no barriers to help them, although they soon realised it was more fun and it got very competitive.

Sebby came a very respectable 2nd place out of his 8 friends.

Once we had finished, I went to Abbey’s house to get ready for a night of cocktails, or so I thought. I genuinely believed it was just a mother / daughter night out, but turns out they had organised a surprise party at Flamingo.

It was a lovely evening and it continued at the Angel in Poole, where one of my Aunt’s colleagues was performing with her band. A few more drinks and shots later ……..

Sunday 23rd June

You’d think I’d be all birthday’d out but one more to celebrate – Callan turns 27 on 24th June, so we met them in Portsmouth for a family meal at the Alchemist….. and a couple more cocktails.

I have been wanting to try the Alchemist for ages and it was as good as I hoped. The food was delicious too.

We managed to do a spot of shopping at Gunwharf Quays before heading home for an early night as it was back to work the next day.

Monday 24th June

A 5am start for me and I was definitely flagging before 9am.

For my birthday, I was given a canvas of a picture taken a couple of weeks ago as all the family were there – an unusual occurrence for us, so had a re-jig of pictures to be able to hang it on the wall.

Happy Birthday Callan, who was sadly back at home / work.

Tuesday 25th June

A lovely, relaxing day off. My colleagues at preschool bought me vouchers for a local beauty salon, so I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure.

In the evening, my friend Leann took me out for a meal to Renoufs – a local cheese and wine bar.

I have never been before, but was blown away. I will definitely be back, although I do think I need a diet after all the food and drink this weekend.

Wednesday 26th June

My preschool day and what a scorcher.

In fact it was too hot for the kids, many of whom didn’t really know what to do with themselves. Thank goodness for water play.

Thursday 27th June

A Tesco day for me and lots of charity requests for donations for summer fairs and events.

In the evening we had a transition evening for Sebby, where he got to meet his new teacher. Eliza is fuming that her tutor is moving down to take on the Year 7’s and Sebby is in his class. She even drafted divorce papers!

Friday 28th June

Transition day.

Despite being nervous, Sebby loved his day at his new school. He did lots of exciting lessons and quite popular as he already knew his way around school as he often comes to events with Isaac and Eliza.

In the evening, we headed to the beach for some fun with Eliza’s youth club. Sadly the weather wasn’t a nice as the rest of the week, but that didn’t stop the kids having a dip in the sea.

Saturday 29th June

A busy day at work. We are the closest supermarket to the beach, so a popular stop-off for tourists heading to the beach.

We are disappointed that the Red Arrows are not coming down to display at Bournemouth Air Fest this year, but luckily they still use Bournemouth Airport as a base, so we are lucky enough to get our own private display every now and then.

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 25 & 26”

  1. Happy birthday to everyone, especially you!! I would have never guessed you were anywhere close to 50!
    Those flowers are so pretty and the Bird of Prey experience sounds fantastic.
    Yep, they get to an age and all they want is clothes and money. It’s the same for my two.
    Isaac looks so smart for his prom and great choice for the car to get him there. It is fun seeing how everyone arrives.
    It sounds like you had a fantastic night with the surprise party and all the meals out look so good.
    It sounds like Sebby is going to have a good tutor for year 7 if Eliza likes him so much. x

  2. Happy belated birthday to you and the boys. Sounds like it was a lovely busy week with lots of treats. Those cakes at the afternoon tea look amazing. I’ve only been to the Alchemist years ago when N was about 4, so it’s probably time to go back again. Hope Isaac enjoyed his prom. I’ve loved seeing all the farmers’ kids pictures – N’s already planning that he’ll be going by tractor, but that will depend on whether the hotel venue will let them in as apparantly quite a few don’t.

  3. Three birthdays! Happy birthday to you and the boys!! It’s no wonder you had such a busy week. I would love a bird of prey experience, they are magnificent animals. I should book at a local sanctuary who also does experiences with some of their birds.

  4. Birthdays for three! Blissful birthday to you and the young men!! It’s no big surprise you had such a bustling week. I’d love to have a bird of prey experience because they’re amazing animals. I ought to book at a nearby safe-haven who likewise does encounters with a portion of their birds.

  5. What a busy couple of weeks with three birthdays and Father’s Day. Happy belated birthday to the three of you – looks like you all enjoyed the various birthday celebrations! What gorgeous flowers. The Bird of Prey experience looked amazing. Love the car Isaac travelled in for his prom. Hope he had a wonderful time. Glad Sebby enjoyed his transition day. #project365


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