Beach Essentials: What to Pack for a Day Out with the Kids

If you have kids and have ever endured the task of having a beach day out with the family then you will know all too well the planning and preparation that goes into, what should seemingly be such an easy day out (here’s hoping), but requires more effort than we would like to admit.

Thankfully, you are not in this boat alone and parents around the world face the same situation when summer rolls around. However, having experienced these outings firsthand and discovered what does or does not work, which items make the day that much easier, and those that should be avoided, we have curated the top essentials you should pack this holiday season when heading to the beach with the kids.

What we have found, and which comes in even before the list begins is that comfort is key, and more so when looking at footwear for kids. If their feet are aching, heels are forming blisters, or they are uncomfortable in any way they will let you know and it is safe to say it will be downhill from there. So to prevent a day filled with tears, whining, and moaning, or having to locate plasters from who knows where when you’re surrounded by sand and water, you want to choose the right beach footwear from the get-go.

Be sure that you opt for quality, only the best for children will help prevent a lot of stress down the road, and with the unique and vibrantly colored designs and styles available these days you can be sure your little ones will have a treat choosing their favorite pair. With a simple elasticated heel grip, or Velcro straps will attachable charm accessories they will also be able to put them on independently boosting their confidence and making the day that much better. Now, let’s dive in and see what other essentials will make this day of memory-making an unforgettable one.


What’s in the bag?

Now you may be thinking a bag full of toys and a box of ice cream will do the trick, but we have something better. Items that may seem unusual or that you may never have considered, have turned out to be lifesavers and are now an absolute must for any beach day.

Sure the fundamentals like beach blankets, XL umbrellas, and endless bottles of SPF 50 sunscreen go without saying, but you can do so much more, here’s what to bring so your beach days this holiday time will be all things fun in the sun.

·         Cordless fan

Nothing beats a regular breeze when the sun is beating down in the middle of the day. And if you can find one with a bottle attachment for water to spritz you as you cool down, you are winning.

·         Powder Sand Remover

It is no surprise that sand gets in everywhere and in everything and when legs are sticky and little hands need cleaning, powder is a lifesaver. It effortlessly removes stubborn sand and prevents chaffing. We love it because it is also kind to the soft skin we love so dearly on little legs and bodies.

·         Hydro-flask bag

A newer piece of equipment, but it is essentially a bag, created with a flask material inside to keep drinks and bits cool, and comes with a zip closure so no dirt gets in.

·         Open tent shelter

A great choice for little ones who want to play in the sand but need shade. Pop this up over their space and they will be shielded from the sun, still see everyone, and can come and go freely, and it doesn’t block out airflow.

·         Beach Pillow

When a little one is on a break from splashing in the ocean, offer a fun blow-up pillow for them to rest their head on, they will love it.

·         Waterproof Phone case

While you may not be swimming with your phone, accidents do happen. Keeping it in a waterproof phone case not only protects it from spills but also sand granules which somehow always show up no matter how careful you are.

·         Fishing tackle box

We love this one and it is cheap as chips. Each child can have their own one and collect different shells or stones they find in the sand. It will keep them busy for hours and give you a deserved break to relax and soak up the sun stress-free.

When days out are well planned and you have everything you need without lugging the whole house to the beach, you will look forward to summer and beach days. So be sure to try out these essentials and book in those summer sun days with the kids this vacation season.

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