Saturday is Caption Day – 14th September 2013

My Satcap pickings have got a lot smaller since the small people are getting back into routine with school, swimming lessons and various other interruptions.

Sadly for me, we have three separate swimming lessons to attend as we cannot find ones that are all at the same time, which means I have to try my best to keep the ones waiting entertained.

Isaac and Eliza have a habit of hiding in lockers as a form of their entertainment, but this week they were introduced to the delights of the hair dryer (on a cold setting).

Can you caption this?

The Gallery – Me Right Now

I was a bit scared of doing the Gallery entry this week as the whole family has been ill in the last week so sleep has been hard to come by.

I have spoken about my love of iPhone apps for photography before, so in an attempt to hide the bags under my eyes and lack of makeup, here is my picture using the My Sketch app:

My Photography Resolution

I have read a couple of blog posts already regarding others Photography resolution, and it got me thinking as to what mine would be.

I am a big photograph taker on my phone and love apps such as Instagram, where you can add gorgeous effects to your photo’s.  The problem with that is that the pictures are not a good enough resolution to get blown up and put into picture frames.

I have also fallen into the habit of not taking our “big” camera out and about with us, as we have our phones.  Plenty a good photo opportunity missed there.

Why am I always the one behind the camera?  Sometimes we go for days out and there is not one photo of me!  I admit that sometimes I shy away from having my picture taken as I always think I look a mess, or over-weight etc.  But my family loves me for who I am and I want those sorts of pictures!

Lastly, and most importantly, I can never get my children in the same place at the same time.  I think the only family photograph I have is from Eliza’s Christening in April last year, and it isn’t a very good one.

So, my photography resolution for 2012 is:

1.  To take our lovely nice big camera out, whenever we go on a day trip – and sometimes at home

2.  To make sure that I am IN FRONT of the camera on occasions.  Even if it means accosting a stranger to take our photo

3.  To take every opportunity to get my whole family together for a photograph!

4.  To take part in the wonderful Gallery every week!

The Gallery – Eyes

Everyone comments on my daughters beautiful coloured eyes and long eyelashes and I have really struggled to get a good photo of them.

I can’t resist this one though as it also highlights her gorgeous chubby cheeks too!

Phone Photo – The Gallery

I was so excited about this weeks Gallery as I love taking photo’s on my phone.

It is very rare that we get our trusty Pentax out, unless we are going somewhere special and there are so many phone photo apps out there you can have so much fun with them.

I am currently doing a photo a day for Project 366 on Instagram, which I plan to add to my blog once a week for those that don’t have smartphones.

I have so many gorgeous phone photo’s that I can’t choose just one so I am adding my top 5 below.

The Gallery – My Awesome Photo

The lovely Tara Cain (Sticky Fingers) has launched the Gallery where bloggers can showcase their work.

This week, she is giving the winning photo a giant canvas up to the value of £100!

I love taking pictures and you can find me on Instagram too, but I rarely take photo’s with a camera as its too big to lumber around, but I did find this beautiful picture taken on a day out to Burton Bradstock in Dorset!