Saturday is Caption Day – 22nd March 2014

Lats weekend was a really busy one for us, we went Bushcrafting at Studland, to the Pokemon Battle Tournament in Southampton and finally to the Sealife Moshi Monster event in London.

The events have left me with a dozen or so potential satcap pictures and it has been so hard choosing which one to use.  Sunday’s visit to the Sealife Centre saw Sebastian get involved and really interact which he has never done before.  He was particularly fascinated by a Turtle and the Penguins who appeared to be equally in awe of him and kept coming back to look at him.

Can you caption this picture?


Saturday is Caption Day – 15th March 2014

Last weekend we went to Linford Bottom in the New Forest where the kids got to play in the shallow river, fishing for minnows, building dams and generally enjoying water play.

Hubby went off to explore as the little ones didn’t want to leave the water and randomly found an LP in the forest which he brought back to show the kids. (It was ‘Arry’s Shack – Back in the Shack – nope I’ve not heard of it either)

They tried to add it to their dam but the current was too strong so we ended putting it further upstream.  Personally I think it looks like a fabulous album cover, but can you caption this picture?

Just for the Record



Saturday is Caption Day – 8th March 2014

Last weekend we took a trip out to Moors Valley as the weather was beautiful.

The children had a great time running, climbing, exploring and jumping in very muddy puddles – poor Eliza fell flat on her face at one point as her welly got stuck fast.  Sadly I didn’t catch that on camera so I will leave you with this.

Can you caption it?

Moors Valley


The lovely Annie from Mammasaurus is currently in Tanzania doing lots of important charity work, so this weeks Satcap is being hosed by the gorgeous ActuallyMummy s0 why not head over and get captioning!

Saturday is Caption Day – 1st March 2014

I am pleased to report that Sebastian has produced two teeth in the last week and it looks like another two will be here shortly.

It is important that babies are introduced to the idea of keeping their little peggies clean from an early age but I am not sure Sebastian is so sure.

Can you caption this?

baby toothbrush


Corfe Castle

Saturday is Caption Day – 22nd February 2014

Last week we visited stunning Corfe Castle in Dorset which is one of Britain’s most iconic and evocative survivors of the English Civil War, partially demolished in 1646 by the Parliamentarians.

With fallen walls, secret places and weird looking statues, there are tales of treachery and treason around every corner as well as castle ruins with breathtaking views across Purbeck making it the perfect venue for a caption or two.

Some of the walls are at very funny angles and this one looked especially unsafe so Kian decided he was going to try and push it back into position.

Can you caption it?

Corfe Castle



Saturday is Caption Day – 15th February 2014

Last weekend we took a rather bracing walk to the beach before heading up Bournemouth Pier to watch the surfers and get a closer look at the waves.

The wind suddenly started whipping up so we decided to head to somewhere more sheltered as it had already tried to remove the buggy from my grip.

We had to walk along the right hand side of the Pier to avoid the worst of it, however, if you have ever been to Bournemouth Pier you will know that every few yards there are gaps in the shelters ………………..this is the result!



Can you caption it?


Saturday is Caption Day – 8th February 2014

Eliza has developed a real love of dolls recently and has started playing with her dolls house again since getting some new furniture and wooden dolls to live in the house.

I think she may have taken her role as “big Brother” too far though as she seemed intent on evicting some of her old ones!

Can you caption this?


Saturday is Caption Day – 1st February 2014

I am quite sad that Eliza’s birthday has been and gone already so I just had to choose another picture from her birthday party that makes me think of Agnes from Despicable Me.  (If you have not seen it click on the link).

Can you give this rather cute photo the caption it deserves?

It's so Fluffy

Saturday is Caption Day

Eliza loves our cats, however the feeling isn’t mutual!! I wonder what Muggles is trying to say here:

Saturday Is Caption Day