Coombe Mill

Project 365 2014 – Week 52

Another year done and time has flown by so quickly!

My final week (and a bit) of Project 365 has to be filled with some of my favourite photo’s of the year because the whole family spent Christmas at Coombe Mill.  My only issue is choosing which ones to use.

I have loved being part of the 365 project and will be continuing for my third year in 2015 and hope to see you all there too.  Thank you TheBoyandMe for being such a fabulous host!

Here are my final pictures of 2014:

354.  A day out to Eden Project with the whole family

Eden Project

355.  Dancing aboard the Polar Express

Polar Express

356.  A day trip to blustery Port Isaac

Port Isaac

357.  We had a full day of fun on Christmas Eve thanks to this lovely lady – Fiona from Coombe Mill!!!

Coombe Mill


358.  Christmas Day is here and this was a present we can all enjoy!

Christmas Day


359.  Our final feed run of our holiday at Coombe Mill and Isaac finally plucked up courage to hold a rabbit

Coombe Mill

360.  All packed and ready to head home!


361.  Ice Skating Fun in Bournemouth Gardens

Make it Bournemouth

362.  It took me over two hours to build this garage, but Sebby loves it!


363.  Discovering the fun that can be had with an icy puddle and a stick!

Icy Puddles


364.  Can I have a scooter please Mum – I am big enough!



365.  Happy New Year!!! Watching Polar Express in 3D and pretending we are on a rollercoaster

New Year

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Project 365 2014 – Week 49

It has been a challenging week in the Chelseamamma house this week.

Firstly we have has some school issues with Isaac which came to a head on Tuesday and he was sent home from school at lunchtime.  Like most good schools they understand that children develop at different rates and we are working closely with them to try and see what his triggers are. I have been reading the Preshil website for some ideas on how to help him too. It does seem that it was the shock tactic he needed as he seems to be a changed boy since and even came home with the class teddy on Friday for turning it around and being a superstar.

The rest of the week has all been about the school fayre and I have been busy collecting prizes for the raffle and help decorate and organise the event.  Thankfully it was a hit and we raised lots of money to help rejuvenate the school playground.

Here is my week in pictures:

week 49


333.  Sebastian’s buggy had sticky wheels and I actually managed to fix it.  We took Sebby out for a test drive and he promptly fell asleep.

334.  Eating a Frollipop at swimming

335.  Scrunching through leaves on the way home from school

336.  Playtime at the beach whilst mummy was picking up raffle prizes

337.  Santa’s Grotto at the school taking shape

338.  Swimming lessons with Sebby

339.  Off to dance class

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First Steps

Project 365 2014 – Week 45

This week has been a week of catching up and mountains of washing after our week away in half term, so we haven’t strayed too far from home, well, until this weekend anyway.

Monday saw Eliza and Isaac achieve their swimming badges which they have been working towards for a term and they are hugely proud of them and Sebby took his first unaided steps!

The weather has been rubbish, although it has produced some amazing rainbows and the one pictured below was probably the brightest I have ever seen – shame I didn’t have my big camera with me when it appeared.

On Thursday we got to go to a preview day of the new Giraffe restaurant at the Tesco where we used to work.  It was lovely to catch up with some old colleagues and the food was amazing.  Sebastian got a real taste for hubby’s marshmallows which were in his Rocky Road Sundae.

Friday saw me drive to the very end of the M4 and beyond in torrential rain to visit Bluestone Wales.  It is a stunning location and we have been busy looking around and taking part in some of various activities that they have to offer and using Sebastian’s new found skill to teach him how to jump in muddy puddles.

Here is our week in pictures:

Week 45

306.  Chilling in the bath

307.  Very proud of their swimming certificates

308.  A wet scoot to school

309.  No Eliza, that stick is too big to take home!

310.  Sebastian stealing Daddy’s marshmallows

311.  Rainbow

312.  Making Christmas decorations at Bluestone

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Gone Fishing

Project 365 2014 – Week 43

It has been an odd week this week.

The weekend was packed full of fun for all the kids.  On Saturday we headed to the bright lights of London for a Nintendo event and on Sunday we had not one, but two children’s party to attend!  In the morning Isaac got to make pizza at Pizza Hut and in the afternoon we headed into Dorchester for a Princess Ball.

On Monday the Lemur Linkup team had an exciting meeting with a local restaurant Jenkins & Sons to discuss a bloggers brunch event and a possible Christmas Party and it looks like it is going to be lots of fun!

Much to Kian’s disgust, Isaac and Eliza broke up from school on Wednesday meaning they go an extra two days of holiday, although it wasn’t all fun for them as Eliza had to have her flu immunisation.

Here is my week in pictures:

Project 365 - 43


292.  Discussing Princess secrets with Rapunzel

293.  At Jenkins & Sons to discuss a Christmas Party

294.  Eliza getting a big girl haircut

295.  Celebrating Joanne from Charliemoos Birthday with a picnic

296.  Eliza wanted to dress as Spidergirl – who was I to argue?

297.  Climbing fun at the beach

298.  The view from our holiday cottage in Staffordshire

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Farmer Palmers

Project 365 2014 – Week 39

It’s almost October…….how did that happen?

This week has seen the return of the after-school clubs and Isaac was really excited to get back to playing football.  As his feet had grown he is now the proud owner of new football boots and despite being the shortest in his year, seems to be quite adept at playing in goal!

Although the weather is still lovely, we have noticed the mornings are a little nippy so have broken out the jumpers.  I am not quite ready to put my beloved fit flops away though and am persevering with chilly toes.

On Wednesday we were invited to the launch of Farmer Palmers new play barn, which was stunning.  As it was Daddy’s day off we dragged him along and he got to help Isaac feed the lambs.

Saturday saw Isaac go on his very first Beavers Trip and I dropped him off to catch the ferry to Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.  He had an absolute ball by all accounts, whilst we headed back to Farmer Palmers where Sebastian cuddles his first Guinea Pig.

Here is our week in pictures:

Week 37 Project 365


264.  a visit to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke where we learned all about World War One

265.  Displaying his best goal keeping moves

266.  I am not sure he likes his jumper

267.  Feeding the lambs at Farmer Palmers

268.  This blogging malarkey is easy mum!

269.  Finally back to swimming after a tummy bug

270.  Isaac’s first Beavers trip to Brownsea Island

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