Project 365 2014 – Week 46

I can’t believe it is only 5 weeks until Christmas – where has this year gone?

We started this week on the final day of our weekend break in Bluestone, Wales.  Kingdom of the Elves was amazing and the kids adored working to make Charlie’s special Christmas toy.

Thankfully the rest of the week has involved far less travelling but busy nonetheless.

Monday saw us enjoying the pantomime that is WWE.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy it but actually its great fun.

Tuesday was parents evening for the little ones with varying amounts of success – Eliza is super confident and adores school, whereas Isaac is well above average in his studies but hates putting pen to paper and can be disruptive, especially when he doesn’t want to do something.  We have lots of plans in place to support him, so I hope we can turn a corner.  Once the kids were safely tucked up in bed, I got to go out and try on lots of lovely shoes at the local Hotter Shoe event.

Friday saw us doing the Bournemouth #pierzip in the dark, which is a completely different experience but just as exhilarating.

At the school disco last month, both Isaac and Eliza asked if they could start doing dancing lessons and I have finally found a local one!  We had our first lesson on Saturday and they adored it……….is it wrong that I wanted to join in too?  We then headed to Southampton to pick up Daddy’s iPhone that had gone into the Apple Store to be repaired.  I announced that I wanted to go to Primark to look at Christmas jumpers as the kids need them for a school event and ended up getting stung for a rather cute Olaf onesie too!!

Here is my week in pictures:

week 46


313.  Proud of their Elf uniforms at Kingdom of the Elves

314.  Kian enjoying WWE

315.  Charliemoos photobombs me at the Hotter Shoes event

315.  Making Hama Beads with Olive

316.  First Haircut

317.  Bournemouth Pierzip in the dark!!

318.  Olaf onesie

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