Today Isaac turns 7 and feels like a huge jump from 6 and I’ve no idea why.

This is his last year of infant school and I have watched as he becomes a strong-willed, independent boy who loves to learn on his own terms.

Isaac is our family comedian and is always telling jokes, delivering one-liners that any top comedian would be proud of and pulls the most brilliant faces for the camera.

Although he bickers with his siblings, Eliza in particular, he is a loving boy and is still happy to give a big hug at the school gates. He adores Sebastian and now that he is walking, thinks nothing of taking him by the hand and showing him where to go and talking to him about what they can see.

Kingston Lacy

Isaac is an active boy who is now revelling in being allowed to play outside with his friends.  He is also a busy bee with lots of clubs on the go – football, golf, dance, swimming and beavers, but he does love his computer games too.

His favourite things are Lego, WWE, Marvel Super Hero’s and Skylanders and I cannot wait for his party on Saturday as we have a very special guest coming to see him.

Golden Hind

Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!!