Saturday is Caption Day – 20th December 2014

Saturday is Caption Day is back in its rightful home with Mammasaurus.

This week saw the kids performing in the school nativity and Isaac stole the show as Angel Gabriel.

He sang loudly, he danced and he spoke his lines brilliantly.

During one of his songs he had to perform with the Nursery children to help them do the right moves and was right in front of us.  He pulled faces and was making Sebby laugh and we managed to catch it on camera.

Can you caption this?


Saturday is Caption Day – 13th December 2014

I love this time of the year, not for the Christmas decorations, present shopping or wrapping (hate that job) – it is the magic it brings when you have little ones to enjoy it.

My top favourite thing of all is always the school nativity play and over the years I have seen my children play angels, donkey’s, camels and stars.

This year is no different and Isaac and Eliza are both performing in Big Star next week.  They have been busy practicing their lines and songs and my job was to sort the costumes.  Eliza is a star and Isaac an angel.

The problem with angel costumes in the shops is they all appear to be for girls – nothing suitable for a boy, so we went for the handmade option…………I am not sure he likes it, in fact he hates it!

Can you caption this:

Angel Costume