Welcome to my new look

If you read my last post on blogger you will know that I have taken the plunge and moved to be self hosted and I want to welcome you to my new blog.

To celebrate I have a couple of competitions coming up over the weekend, but my time is currently being used preparing from the Team Honk Relay which I am completing today and tomorrow.  My team have been putting me through my paces and I am all set to scoot between Sandbanks and Bournemouth Pier before taking to a Didicar to get me to Boscombe Pier.

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Toys that combine fun with style

Image by  kisocci 
When you have children, it’s generally fair to say that your home takes on a totally different look to the way it was before they arrived. You may have had a home that was perfectly styled and decorated before the pitter-patter of tiny feet and some people do manage to maintain a pristine home after becoming parents. Not all of us, though, are that skilled or have that much energy to keep house as perfectly as we did before we had kids. But one way to make this easier is to choose toys that combine plenty of fun with some style of their own.

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After the Storm

The Dorset coast has taking a battering this last week thanks to the storms that hit us last week.  We have seen flooding like I have … Read more

Project 365 2014 – Week 2

OK, I will admit it……I was so relieved that the kids returned to school this week.  It’s not that I don’t love them being at home, but they were ready to get back to school and I needed a bit of routine back in the house, especially as hubby doesn’t have a day off between boxing day and the end of January!

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Saturday is Caption Day – 11th January 2014

Isaac went back to school on Monday and was most upset that Kian and Callan didn’t have to go back until Tuesday, so made sure he made so much noise his big brothers were awake.

Kian decided he was going to come with us on the school run although he couldn’t be bothered to get changed so ended up scooting in his Star Wars onesie.  Eliza then decided that her scooter wasn’t good enough and insisted on hitching a lift.

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