My Driving Bugbears

I love driving, which is a good thing seeing as I do a lot of driving as a blogger.

The problem I have is other road users.

Now 99% of them are fine, I am happy to share the road with them but there are the 1% that drive me INSANE!

I like to think I am a polite and safe driver. I often let people out of roads, I get out of the way if I see they are in a hurry and I say thank if they do the same for me, but I have some major bugbears.

  • On the motorway I always leave a 2 second gap between me and the car in front for safety, however, it seems this invites the world and its wife to jump into it, why?
  • People that don’t use their indicators – we live near a roundabout and the amount of people that don’t use indicators when using it makes it a nightmare to try and get out.
  • People that try and jump queuing traffic
  • People that cut in front of you and nearly take your bonnet off when doing so (twice in two days this happened to me)
  • People that undertake you to get one car ahead when you are in a line of moving traffic
  • Lane hoggers – both middle and outside
  • Lorry’s with speed limiters that insist on overtaking another lorry (especially on a hill)
  • When they drive at 40mph in a 60mph zone
  • Tailgating
  • People that don’t say thank you for letting them out
  • Sunday drivers – you know, the ones that have no idea what they are even doing on the road, where they are going and even how to drive!
  • Roadworks – please tell me the M3 will be finished soon
  • Any car with zenon headlights – they always look like they have their full beams on
  • People that pinch your parking space when you have been patiently waiting for it
  • People that take up two parking spaces (especially when it is by your home and you cannot park)

So that are my biggest driving bugbears, what are yours?

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