Building Endless Adventures with LEGO® DUPLO®

LEGO® DUPLO® is an unlimited source of creative play for preschoolers (ages 1 ½-5) and you can see your child imagine, create and explore whole new worlds with oversize LEGO bricks designed to fit perfectly in small hands.

LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are called DUPLO because the dimensions are double the size of LEGO system bricks, and they are 100% compatible?

Playing is the best way to learn for preschoolers – and with LEGO DUPLO there are so many ways to play. Sebastian is 2 and loves stacking the DUPLO bricks together which is perfect for helping to develop his fine motorskills. We are also working on his speech and learning colours and although he will tell you everything is green, if you ask him for a certain coloured brick he will select the correct colour.

LEGO® DUPLO® has just released seven new sets just in time for Christmas and we were sent the Fire Engine set to review (RRP £44.99).

I will put my hand up an admit the thought of building any LEGO or DUPLO sets fills me with fear, but all the pieces were all seperated in little bags meaning I just had to open one at a time as I followed the simple instructions in the accompanying booklet, asking Sebby to pass me the bricks we needed or vice versa.


Sebastian built some of the easier bits, like the walls to the Fire Station, but there were a couple of bits on the vehicles that were too tricky for him so Mummy had to do it – the moving ladder and the retractable fire hose.

It took us around 15 minutes to build the full set and then we played “nee-naws”, pretending to put out fires and driving and parking the two shiny red fire vehicles in the Fire Station. The set also comes with two firemen, flames, a fire hydrant and a bed, chair and coffee pot to go inside the fire station which is perfect for role play as Sebby gets older.


We even made sure Sebastian was wearing his fire engine top to put him in character.

The set keeps him amused for at least an hour at a time and he likes taking the vehicles apart and putting them back together before acting out the fire engine racing to a fire, getting the fireman out and using the hose to put out the flames. It is lovely seeing him really engaging with a toy and of course, Mummy has to join in too “Nee-Naw, Nee-Naw, Nee-Naw”

The other sets available include; Doc McStuffins Backyard Clinic, Rosie the Ambulance, Mickey and Minnie Birthday Parade, Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Pirate Adventure, Batman Adventure, My First Bus and the Fire Boat.