A Great Parenting Day

There are many days where I feel completely overwhelmed by being a parent and whether you have a few day old baby or a hormonal teen they each throw up their own challenges and it doesn’t get any easier. In fact if anything it gets harder (sorry folks).

Last week I had a bit of a wobbly week. Isaac and Eliza seemed hell-bent on winding each other up constantly with the teen pitching in, just to add to the tension in the house and Sebby has been super clingy ever since he was ill last month, so I felt a bit overwhelmed with it all.

This week, however, has been a lot better and I can even go as far to say I had a great parenting day. No epiphany or anything like that, just a day where you realise all the hard days, the sleepless nights, the epic tantrums were completely worth it.

Eliza started the day with her class assembly, where they told the whole school and parents what they had been learning about. She got all her lines right and talked loudly and clearly on what must have been a nerve-wracking day, plus sang a lovely song all about being healthy and told the Hungry Caterpillar story with her classmates. It makes you super proud to see just how far they have come in their first year of school.

Back in November I headed to St James’ Palace with Abbey to collect her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. I have not posted about it yet as I wanted to add pictures, but we were not allowed to take any so have been waiting for the official ones. Yesterday they finally arrived and it reminded me of how proud I was on the day.


Kian broke up on Tuesday, much to the disgust of the younger ones, but Hubby didn’t let him mope about in his room. Together they cleared the garden, jet washed the house, cars and garden toys and cleared all the rubbish away. It was lovely to see them working together and having fun as they did it. (Note to self: give Kian more jobs to do in the home).

Callan had his driving test and at 3.30pm he face-timed me whilst I was on the school run. He sounded really down on the phone and I feared the worst but he was playing me – he PASSED!! Now I have two children able to taxi me around.

It didn’t stop there, I was dreading Isaac’s parents evening. If you follow my blog you will know he doesn’t have the best school record and we have been having more downs than ups. However, this half term, he has completely turned it around and his teacher and us as parents couldn’t be prouder. He does his work, helps in the classroom and really tries. He has even been chosen to take part in a science experiment using seeds that Tim Peake took into space as his application was so good along with Eliza too.

As for Sebby, his speech has come on so much and is now stringing sentences together, so although he is still behind his peers I am confident that he is catching up and fast and at his one-to-one with his nursery leader Julie, she was really pleased with his progress.

Today was a great parenting day!!