Alphabet Photo – C is for Chase

Last week was quite frankly epic.

When you have teens and an adrenalin junkie husband somehow you find yourself in the background taking photos and not getting to experience things for yourself.

Last year I was pregnant with Sebastian and the had an emergency c-section which I struggled to recover from so I took a back seat even more than usual so it is about time I start enjoying things for me again.

I entered a competition a couple of weeks ago to win a trip in a Powerboat.  Not for one minute did I think I’d win, so when the phone call came in to say I had, I was shocked.  I immediately thought of the boys but when they said it was for over 18’s only and I could take a friend I knew I had to do it.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it – it was all kinds of amazing and it has re-ignited my love of boats.  The best bit is that we got to watch the P1 Super Stock Grand Prix in Bournemouth at the weekend and were cheering on our local teams.  It is definitely a sport I am going to follow from now on.

I give you “Chase!”

P1 Superstock