Project 366 2016 – Week Five

After the exertions of last week, this week has been a lot more chilled.

On Sunday, following a successful bike ride on Saturday I decided to head to a local former railway line to get some more practice in, however, the ground although flat was slightly harder to ride on and although Isaac was off and pedaling into the distance, Eliza really struggled and I had to push her more than she pedaled. The outing then ended with Sebby falling face first into a huge muddy puddle as I help Eliza down a hill on her bike – note to self, always take another adult with you to help!

Thankfully we were five minutes from home, so I phoned Kian to run the bath, bundled everyone back into the car and set of home.

On Tuesday I started a new job – working part-time at the local pre-school and even though it is still working with children it was lovely working with other adults too.

On Wednesday it was swimming lesson time and after a bout of the water wobbles last year, Eliza has been working on her water confidence. She finally achieved her target of swimming a length on her back!

Here is my week in pictures:

week 5

31. Cycling on an old railway in Broadstone

32.  Peek-a-boo

33.  Looking very grown-up with her hair in a bun

34.  Eliza completing a whole length on her back

35.  Our Teksta Dinosaur likes eating cars apparently

36.  Playing with the keyboard in the O2 shop whilst trying to get my phone fixed

37.  I’m Arf Asleep and here’s the news