Buggy Brolly from Love Umbrellas

Like most of the products I have bought recently I found Love Umbrella’s on twitter @LoveUmbrellas. I had a nosey around their website “oohhing” and “ahhing” over their beautiful wedding umbrella’s, thinking what a wonderful idea!

I didn’t really think anything more about it until I saw a tweet about them doing a brolly that attaches to your pram / buggy. My attention was caught!!! Being a mum of 5, I have often thought about someone inventing an Umbrella that attaches to a pram (normally when I get stuck in a rain storm), but never actually done anything about it.

I know others have umbrella’s out there, but at Love Umbrella’s they customise it for you too, so it will co-ordinate with your buggy. Just let them know what you want and off they go.

What impressed me most was the fast delivery time – it arrived within two days!!

So what is it like:

It is a standard umbrella size (not huge like a Golf umbrella), but certainly big enough. It comes with a cover to protect the umbrella end, and with the exception of the stalk, it folds up small and neatly. The Stalk as you can see from the picture does stay extended by 40cm, so it will sit under my B-Dual but not the Noa.

Buggy Brolly

I have two pushchairs – the Britax B-Dual and the Maxi Cosy Noa and it fits both comfortably. The pushchairs are different colours two, so I have a mixture of coloured buttons and pink bows around the edge so it will happily blend with both.
The umbrella itself feels sturdy. It would not survive the gales we had yesterday, but I don’t think any umbrella would. It was very breezy today and the umbrella managed very well and kept me dry.

It has 3 height positions too, which I think is such a good idea. It will comfortably accommodate my husband at 5ft 9″ on the Noa (this buggy sits quite low to the ground), but will fit someone taller on a larger pushchair, especially if the handle is adjustable. If you are taller than 6ft, then I would speak to the guys at Love Umbrella’s for advice!

The buggy attachment is a standard claw clip, which you find on most parasols, so it is a universal fit. I also think that it could happily be used as a sun parasol on it’s lower settings during the summer, so you can save those pennies and just invest in this.

My umbrella was £33 incl p&p, which is more than a standard umbrella, but if you have ever tried to push a pram and hold an umbrella at the same time, you’ll certainly understand that it’s good value for money!

For more information, visit their facebook page or tweet them @LoveUmbrellas

I shall add one final photo, but please excuse the fence in the background – waiting for the neighbours to pull their fingers out and get it fixed!!!

6 thoughts on “Buggy Brolly from Love Umbrellas”

  1. I use to have one of these when Gray was born and loved it, I got it from the baby show and one day it broke, I have not been able to find another company for ages, so this is fab thanks xxx

  2. Wish I’d owned this for all the rain we have had in the last 2 weeks – not sure if it is too late to get it now – I am praying Summer MIGHT begin…… what d’ya reckon?
    Liska x


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