Project 365 2024 – Week 15

It feels quiet in the house without Eliza and with the boys not sharing a room for a few days, we have found that Sebby can actually have a lie in.

My blog has had some technical issues this week, which is frustrating as I cannot seem to get to the bottom of it.

Here is our week:

Sunday 7th April

Eliza’s first day of skiing and she excitedly messaged to say that she was doing well and that the lessons helped and she has moved rooms already and is with the friends she wanted to be with, so that’s a win too.

Here at home, we set off for Sussex to visit Callan, Chelsea and Barney.

Every time we have visited since Barney arrived, it has been torrential rain and wind, so we made the most of a nice, sunny spring day and headed out to Littlehampton and enjoyed some chips whilst sat by the river.

fish and chips

Monday 8th April

A work day for me and nothing exciting to report.

Eliza had another good day skiing and went ice skating in the evening – she wasn’t impressed it was a plastic ice rink, not actual ice. We did get our first picture from the trip though.


Tuesday 9th April

A quiet day at home as the weather was rubbish, so a day spent catching up on housework.

Eliza had a great day skiing and has settled with her friend group now – she very proudly got a strike during her bowling match.

Wednesday 10th April

Another day at home and Sebby stayed in his pyjamas all day. We did chuckle at Willow though as she stopped exploring to watch Sebby play his game.

Thursday 11th April

Eliza’s last day skiing and she finally got to go higher up the mountain. I think she is going to want to continue skiing when she gets home.

They set off for home on the coach after dinner, so we are hoping she will be back early evening tomorrow.

Friday 12th April

We got the email we have been waiting for, well Sebby has anyway! Krazy Katz are finally instock at Smyths, so we can go and pick one up. However, Sebby was rather smitten with the new Deddy Bear instead.

We tracked Eliza from Dover and they made brilliant time, arriving back at school at 3pm.

Dad got the job of carying the bags whilst I took advantage of all the hugs.

Saturday 13th April

Isaac and Eliza’s musical theatre school support the charity Sophie’s Legacy, who provide food and toys for the patients and their families of children in Poole Hospital. I booked them in for a day’s collecting in the store and they did brilliantly, collecting lots of food and treats.

How was your week?

5 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 15”

  1. Glad Eliza’s ski trip went well. N’s school one, the PE teacher who went ended up tearing her ACL, and has been off school for weeks as she can’t drive. Well done on the theatre group’s charity work. Sounds like it’s giving them broad experiences doing both theatre and charity stuff.

  2. Glad Eliza enjoyed her skiing trip, the snow looks so deep. Barney is such a cute baby. Lovely weather you had for your fish and chips, but it’s gone so cold again hasn’t it?


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