Barny Little Adventures Challenge

We were first introduced to Barney cakes when they were giving samples away at LolliBop and were delighted when we spotted them again at Bournemouth Air Festival, so much so we had to ensure we walked past them at least twice each day for supplies.

Picture courtesy of @RAFRed10

Barny sponge bears are individually wrapped bear shaped sponges with a hidden filling that my kids (including the teens) love.  They come in two flavours – chocolate and milk and I can confirm that they are absolutely delicious.

I was lucky enough to receive two boxes to review, one of each flavour.

Because they are individually wrapped, Barny sponges are perfect for popping into lunchboxes, or taking along as a snack if you are out and about.  They are guilt free for parents too as contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

Barny sponge bears are now Eliza’s snack of choice and are perfect for a quick pick me up after a strenuous swimming lesson……

a trip to the park…….

a busy day at the beach……..

and scooter racing with her brother…….


Just be aware that if Mummy forgets to put the Barny Sponge in the bag then this happens……

Eliza is not impressed that Mummy left Barny on the kitchen side
Don’t forget they are just as yummy for bigger adventurers too and I often find Kian (13) sneaking one into his lunchbox too!

Kian and Isaac hurry back to shore for their Barny Sponge

On Sunday we went to the Bournemouth FX Festival and got to make our very own animation.  Isaac made his very own Barny Superhero who saved the day!!

This post is my entry into the BritMums Little Adventures Challenge, in conjunction with Barny, the bear shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite.  Find out more about Barny here.

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