Spiderman Wall Light Review

If you follow my blog you will know I am gradually redecorating the bedrooms.  I have completed ours and Eliza’s and next on the list is the boys.

The challenge we have is that Isaac shares with the teens, so we need something that appeals to all of them.  I have decided to keep it fairly plain and want a feature wall with a “POW” wallsticker so the room has a super hero theme.

Any kid’s room can benefit from having a bit more light than the rest of the house, especially when the children are still young and need that extra reassurance. That’s why came up with a wall light idea that can not only lead to great results but can enchant the whole family and make the decor more fun and appealing for everyone. In the end, the thing that counts most when buying such signs is making sure that they fit the rest of the decor of the house, as well as the personality of the room itself.

Isaac had an Ikea bug wall light as his nightlight, but he is getting too old for it now so when I was offered a Philips Spiderman light to review I accepted.

The Spiderman lamp lights up with a vivid print of Spiderman in full swingin’ action and brings fun and colour to walls and ceilings.

The sturdy rounded design is safe for curious little hands and is the ideal centrepiece to create a pool of light.

Marvel wall light

The light can be installed as a wall light or ceiling light depending on your preference, so when he no longer wants a wall light we can swap it over.

The light uses LED technology which not only saves money but gives optimal light output and brings out vivid colours in the bedroom.

Isaac loves his new light and it is acceptable to the teens too – project decorate can now begin!

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