6 Hobbies to Try this Spring

Spring is an exciting time. As winter turns to summer, we forget about the post-Christmas slump, enjoy all the chocolate that Easter brings, and, fingers crossed, hope for a few months of sun. Spring is a good time to embark on some new hobbies. As the weather gets warmer, there is more opportunity for outdoor activity and other hobbies which you can pick up and get well-versed in in time for summer. Here are a few possible hobbies which will help you enjoy spring all the more.


Spring is one of the more beautiful of the months. Spring flowers are emerging, there are some great looking sunrises (for which you don’t have to get up as early for!) and beautiful sunsets, all of these are gifts to the aspiring photographer. There are also plenty of websites to give guidance to photographers now, as well as sites such as Zippi which allow you to print the images you are most proud of onto products from mugs to phone cases.

Tai Chi

This is a great activity for people of any fitness level. Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial art which is practiced all over the world today to encourage healthy living. Tai Chi classes up and down the country in gyms and sports halls, after an instructor helps you get the principles exact you can practice on your own. It is especially invigorating in the garden on a beautiful spring morning.


This is another activity which is quickly gaining popularity across the UK. Use the longer days to go on longer distance cycle rides. It’s a great sport to push yourself to do more miles at a faster pace. Before you know it, you’ll be looking to do charity cycle rides and go on cycling holidays.


Walking is a great antidote to 21st century living. Get yourself away from a screen for a full day of rambling and get in touch with nature. You will be surprised how much you get out of truly appreciating the great outdoors. Take the time to enjoy the National Parks that are closest to you.

Miniature Gardening

This is a bit more of an unusual hobby but another one which allows you to take full advantage of the season. Using succulents, moss and small accessories you can cultivate a small scale garden which could go inside or outside. If you really get into it you can develop a miniature garden business.

Learn a Language

This is perhaps less of an outdoor hobby but a great way to exercise your brain and memory as well as get ready for your summer holiday abroad. There are different ways to learn a language either by joining a class or using a programme such as those developed by Michel Thomas. You will feel immense pride at learning a new skill such as this.

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