Project 365 2015 – Week 30


The school holidays have finally arrived and we have a busy few weeks planned and we started the week last Sunday with a trip to Exeter for the kids disco, Big Fish Little Fish. I have to admit it was nothing like we expected but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves despite the lack of music they knew and games to play.

Monday was the penultimate day at school and the kids were not keen to go, but we got there eventually. We had planned on a roadtrip to Lyme Regis to see the Red Arrows but by the afternoon the weather turned and we decided not to go. Good job as they called it off due to heavy mist locally.

The little ones finished school at lunchtime on Tuesday and we celebrated with a trip to the park, poor Kian didn’y break up until Wednesday.

The week was a bit hit and miss weather wise but we found a break in the rain and headed to Moors Valley to run off all their energy on Thursday, whereas Friday was spent holed up indoors so we watched Home and played board games all day.

Yesterday saw us heading 3 hours north to Conkers for a Bloggers day.  It was brilliant fun and we all came away filthy thanks to the barefoot walk.

Week 30


200. Big Fish Little Fish in Exeter

201.  Lonely scooters waiting to be ridden to school

202.  Football in the park

203.  Sebby gets a new toy to review – My Friend Freddy (it’s a little weird)

204.  Posing at Moors Valley

205.  The Barefoot Walk at Conkers – it was a lot colder than it looks!

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