Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll

As a child I had fond memories of my Tiny Tears doll that I named Belinda. I spent hours wheeling her around in my toy pram, feeding her water so she would either cry or do a wee on the potty and she had her own cot next to my bed for her to sleep in.

Dolls have come a long way since those days and Eliza has the same love of dolls that I did as a child so when we were offered the Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll to review I knew she would love him.

Eliza has named him Ben and lovingly looks after him when he gets hungry and thirsty by feeding him with his spoon or his bottle When he eats his mouth gets dirty which is shown using an LED light – you simply clean him up with the cloth provided and the light goes back off.

Like all babies, sometimes they get tummy ache, again shown as a green LED light on his tummy. To calm down his tummy ache you give him a gentle massage. You can also potty train your Cicciobello doll and the real bonus is that all are LED light functions so no mess.


Our Cicciobello doll, Ben, speaks over 40 sentences and sounds, including quite a loud trump. He closes his eyes when layed down and is anatomically correct. It requires 3 x AA batteries (not included) and comes with an interactive spoon, interactive orange juice carton, potty, 2 cloths and a dummy.

Thankfully unlike a real baby is comes with an on / off switch as he can be quite demanding and annoying at times!

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