Jazzing up the Kids bedroom with Wall Stickers

It only feels like yesterday when I decorated the kids bedrooms but it has been two years already and they are both wanting a change already.

Kids grow and change their minds on what they like so quickly, so when I decorated their rooms I used wall stickers to give them a bit of personality as they are much easier to apply or change than wallpaper.

Wall stickers are easy to apply, although I would recommend that you invest in good quality vinyl stickers as these are less likely to have air bubbles in them and really stand the test of time.

My other tip would also be to wait at least two weeks after painting a room to apply the stickers, as we applied one too quickly and it frustratingly keeps peeling away.

Technology is so good now that you can get personalised decals for everyone. Imagine having your favourite photo as a photo mural on a feature wall!

Tenstickers.co.uk make quality lasting decals and stickers at great prices, including personalised decals to suit everyone’s taste. The stickers not only look great as they are special glossy stickers in vivid colours that do not reflect the light, but they are easy to apply and remove as they are made from anti-bubble vinyl.

For Isaac’s room I am going to get the Ghostbusters wallsticker as he is obsessed with the film at the moment and for Eliza she wants something more princessy. It is a little tricky doing hers as she shares a room with Sebby but I think a castle with a princess theme for her side of the room with knights and a dragon for Sebby will work well.

Written in collaboration with Tenstickers.co.uk

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