How to Know When You’ve Finally Found the Right One

You’ve been hoping to meet that special someone for a long time. How do you know if your relationship is on the right track and you’ve finally found Mr. or Mrs. Right? Should you commit or wait to see if someone else comes along? If you do commit how do you know your relationship will last? No one can guarantee that any relationship will last forever, but there are some signs you can look out for which are a good indication you and your partner are on the right track.

Is He Or She the Special One?

Consider how accurate a description of you and your partner these statements are. If they don’t seem to describe you both well, perhaps you are not as compatible as you first thought.

You like to do many of the same things in your spare time: It’s actually similarity, not opposites that attract. If you have shared hobbies and ways you like to spend time, this means you will spend more time together. Not that you have to be joined at the hip, but if you like vacationing overseas and he’s a homebody, you might end up spending more time apart than you do together. You may also find that your habits may grow more alike the more you are together.

Your sex life is fulfilling: You don’t have to have sex several times a day to make your sex life fulfilling; it’s much more about the quality than the quantity. Couples are much happier with their relationships when they have a satisfying sexual relationship, but they also need affection outside of the bedroom to feel truly fulfilled.

You don’t think about other could-be partners: If you find yourself thinking of other people, how you think they are attractive, and wondering what a relationship with them would be like, you are obviously not all that committed to your current partner.

Your friends think you make a great couple: Your relationship is ultimately between the two of you, but if your friends think you’re a good match, it’s a positive sign. Your social circle influences your personal life more than you may think, and if your friends don’t like your partner, it can have a negative effect on your feelings too.  If you want to find out more about if your man loves you, check out Vixen Daily.

You are both striving for self-improvement: If you’re both committed to personal growth, then you will both be able to grow together. Partners who are on different pathways when it comes to personal growth tend not to be as satisfied with their relationship as those who are motivated to improve themselves.

You pick up your partners mannerisms: When two people are truly connected in a relationship they will unconsciously adopt each other’s mannerisms, phrases, and when talking to each other may often say the same thing at the same time. If you and your partner do this, it is a sign of a deep closeness.

Your instincts tell you your partner is right for you: Often, the best judge of your relationship is your own gut feeling. Sometimes couples seem to “just know” when they’ve met their soulmate and these relationships seem to endure.  

You share your emotions: There is no room for holding back if you want your relationship to deepen and grow strong. That doesn’t mean you have to be fighting all the time, it means both being comfortable enough to show how you feel.

You are a tactile couple: Touching and small displays of affection outside the bedroom are very important for a relationship, so that both partners feel they are being appreciated and loved. Kissing, massage, holding hands, cuddling, and hugging are all important. These actions make conflict less likely to happen and easy to get over when it does.

You feel positive about your commitment to each other: If your relationship is thriving you will feel happy to be committed and will not feel tied down. This is an important predictor of a lasting relationship. Such a positive attitude shows contentment and a sense of belonging in a relationship. Couples who feel this way about each other feel generally happier with their lives overall.

No scientist or relationship counselor can truly predict whether your relationship will stand the test of time, but research on couples and their relationships can certainly give you a good idea of where you’re traveling together, and if you will stay on the same path.

Kyle White is a relationship guru. His informative articles appear online at relationship and lifestyle blogs for both men and women.



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