New Vac Man and Stretch Xray from Character Options

We were sent Stretch Armstrong to review a couple of years ago and he is still a toy that the kids enjoy playing with often, seeing how far they can stretch him, or who can stretch him the furthest.

Now Character Options have introduced villain, Vac Man, to their range – a 7″ fully stretchable and posable Vac powered action figure.

Vac Man’s new stronger formula means he can be stretched to an incredible 4 times his original size.

Simply pump out the air and pull him into any pose you can think of, release the valve and watch him return to his normal state.

Vac Man

The pump does take some getting used to for the boys, as the release button is on the top of his head and their natural way of using the pump is to push down from the top. It is also quite stiff at first, but the more you use the pump the easier it becomes and Isaac soon got the hang of it.

Vac Man Pump

When Vac Man is airless, he is quite crunchy and bumpy feeling which feels bizarre but it is great fun stretching and posing him into silly positions. He would make a great stress relief toy for adults too!

Character Options have also added a new 7″ Stretch X-Ray to their range, who still stretches, just like the original, but you can watch his insides stretch with him.

Stretch Armstrong and Vac Man

The boys love playing with these new characters and as they are smaller and lighter than the originals, they are great for taking out on adventures too.

Stretch X-Ray

See through Stretch is a bit gross looking, but that seems to make him even more appealing to the boys, especially when they see is innards stretch.

Did you know that there is now a brand new Stretch Armstrong PopJam channel which can be found under the name of @StretchArmstrong!

Stretch can also be found on twitter at @stretchhhuk, on facebook at official-stretch-armstrong and on instagram at @OfficialStretchArmstrong

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