An Overview of European Countries: There’s Something to Be Found for Connoisseurs and Party-Goers Alike

To date, 40% of international travel is to a country apart of the European Union. In 2016 alone, the European Union had approximately 500 million tourists visiting from around the world. Wow!

Due to Europe’s popularity as a tourist destination, it’s no surprise if you’re one of many who’d be interested in booking a stay in at least one of its 44 incredible countries. But with dozens of possible European places to visit, which will you pick?

Here’s a little travel tip: choose a country that you know will suit your tastes in terms of things to do, sights to see, and foods to eat.

To help you out on your search for a destination, consider the following five European countries.

1. Finland

This Northern European country, which borders Norway, Sweden, and Russia, has a handful of things to do. Sleeping in an igloo, hiking in one of Finland’s dozens of national parks, and riding a husky sleigh are just some of the many things tourists love to do the most. Another must-try in Finland? Checking out the dreamy Northern Lights!


2. Greece

When visiting Greece, one of the things you need to add to your to-do list is climbing Mount Olympus. But no worries; there’s still plenty to do for those of you who aren’t athletic. From visiting the Acropolis Museum to checking out Melissani Cave, to viewing the black sands of the Santorini beaches, everyone will have a blast. Check out houses for rent in Santorini (Greece) here.

3. Switzerland

When thinking of Switzerland, two things first come to mind: chocolate and snow. Taking chocolate-making classes, skiing in the shadow of the Matterhorn, and hiking in the Alps are all enjoyable in Switzerland. The country is also dotted with beautiful chateaus (castles) for you to visit and has plenty of opportunities for wine-tasting.

4. Germany

Germany to many is the land of the beer. Apart from beer-tasting, Germany has plenty of other things to do, even for the kiddos: paying a visit to theme parks, checking out the famous Berlin Wall, admiring castles, and purchasing handmade souvenirs at Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg.


5. Romania

There’s no one Romania can’t impress. Some of the top things to do include scoping out the unusual Sinca Veche Temple Cave, learning at the Zoological Museum, and checking out the Flooded Village of Bezidu Nou. And for those who have a dark side, visit the Merry Cemetery, the haunted Hoia-Baciu Forest, or the Snagov Monastery where Vlad the Impaler was buried.

Are you thinking about booking a Europe tour from Dubai like SaneTraveller? That’s a great idea! Now that you know that European countries have plenty to do for every age group, you’ll have a wide variety of destinations to pick from.


With this mini overview of European countries, it’s clear that these destinations offer a wide variety of sources of entertainment and other things to do. That said, making the decision to visit Europe one day soon will be easier than ever before. It’s comforting knowing that a destination you’re interested in will be fun for the whole family and, thus, worth the travel expenses!

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