4 month old developmental milestones

It is true what they say, babies grow up so fast.

Every week there is a different milestone and although they all reach them at different times, they do often reach their 4 month development stage in and around the same few weeks.

Lilah is 19 weeks old and it is safe to say that time has gone very quickly, but it is the last three to four weeks where I have seen her development really jump.

Firstly, she is sleeping so much better, a good 10+ hours a night which has made us all feel much more rested.

I have taken some advice from Calm & Bright sleep consultants whom I met at the baby show and instead of feeding Lilah to sleep, I feed her, then put her down awake with some white noise at about 9pm where she self settles.

Lilah Cot

She has been in her own room in a cot, rather than her next to me as she is too big for it now, which was odd at first, but I think it has definitely helped her sleep better. I am using a Nanit baby monitor for my own peace of mind which not only lets me see her sleep on my smartphone, but it also measures her breathing, sleep / wake times and gives me hints and tips too.

One major change is that everything is going in her mouth!!

Lilah Teething Ring

She has been dribbling constantly for around a month, so much so we are really going through the dribble bids. There is no sign of a tooth yet, but they are definitely moving around as she has been grumpy. I even made her a breastmilk lolly to help, which she loved!

Breastmilk Lolly

Lilah has always been a gurgler and loves being spoken to and interacted with, but now she is really starting to babble and blow raspberries when you talk to her.

We are in isolation at the moment, but she still gets to see her Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents on zoom who all chat to her. They are rewarded with the biggest smiles!!


She loves to look at herself in the mirror too.

Lilah Bumbo

She has also started to roll, from back to front only at the moment and her legs are getting stronger. We have been given a jumperoo bouncer and although not jumping, she likes to sit in it and make it wobble and move as she grabs the toys.


Read Emma’s Diary to find out more about your baby’s milestones and what to expect at the next stage. We are looking forward to Lilah sitting up as she loves her bumbo seat and sitting in her pram to see what is going on as we walk.

Lilah Pram

Make sure you also check out the Emma’s Diary Brand new Pregnancy and Baby app available on Google Play and App Store and keep an eye on their YouTube channel for milestone videos and hints and tips.

Hold on to the tiny MOMENTS and cherish the little snuggles as it’s amazing how fast they grow and change!

Baby Development Milestones

Disclaimer: Post written in collaboration with Emma’s Diary. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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