Jade Roller Through the Ages: From Ancient History to Modern Hype

Wondering why the Jade Roller is trending everywhere from YouTube videos to Instagram stories to Facebook posts. The trend of jade rolling originated during the 7th Century in Ancient China as a skincare ritual reserved just for the elite. Considered to be a precious gemstone with anti-ageing superpowers, this small magic wand is known as Yushi Gunlun in Chinese.

The Chinese used this handheld tool made using jade stone for a soothing facial massage. This jade beauty roller is believed to be invented during the Qing Dynasty. Though there is no substantial proof, it is claimed that Empress Dowager Cixi loved this facial roller and used it regularly. In fact, you can also see a stylish jade roller with elegant gold adornment in the Palace Museum’s antique collection.   

Why Jade is Called the “Stone of Heaven” in Chinese Medicine 

The complete history of jade beauty roller is unknown, though there are many articles, essays and accounts which claim that Chinese princesses loved the jade roller and used it diligently to maintain their youthfulness. The jade roller was also used in Chinese holistic medicine for centuries and there are several ancient textual references of the jade roller being used as a skincare staple across Asia for its calming and stimulating properties.

The Jade stone represented health, wealth and prosperity in ancient times and it is also said that this beauty tool was used for over 500 years by the African Egyptians and Mayans. Believed to have the ability to soothe stressed organs, flush out impurities and slow down the process of cell ageing, this cooling stone increases Chi – revitalising energy that has the power to rejuvenate and renew facial muscles for a radiant complexion.

This ancient beauty tool boosts blood flow and flushes out skin impurities via lymphatic drainage. The rolling action effectively tones and tightens the appearance of the skin, improving its elasticity and firmness by increasing circulation during the massage. The increased flow of blood gives the skin a clear and bright look. Plus, being non-porous, the jade stone does not harbour any bacteria which can invite skin problems.

The jade stone always had a special role in the Chinese culture for ages. But jade rollers have gained recent popularity across the Globe. It was only after Vogue published an article titled, “Meet the Jade Roller: The Chinese Skin-Care Tool That Tightens, Depuffs and More”, that the term jade beauty roller became the most searched keyword on every social platform.

But Does the Jade Beauty Roller Actually Work?

Jade rollers have created a rage with five-star ratings, stunning before-and-after effects and are highly recommended by beauty bloggers. Their popularity can also be attributed to the trending self-care hashtags and the sudden wave of natural wellness products.

But what does science say?

Essentially, a jade facial roller is just as effective as any other facial massage that is done right. When you massage your face, you increase circulation which makes your skin look brighter and gives it a luminous glow. With regular massaging, the face looks less puffy and more contoured.

Easy to use, affordable and versatile, the jade beauty roller has triggered a revolution in skincare with tangible benefits. Just be sure to invest in a 100% genuine jade beauty roller to get the most out of your skincare routine. Over time with regular massage, the jade roller can lead to tighter pores, clearer skin and reduced appearance of fine lines.

How to Use the Jade Roller for Best Results 

Regular use of jade roller can have skin-deep benefits when combined with a face oil or a Vitamin C serum. Apply your skincare products first and then use the roller as this will ensure better absorption and deep penetration of the product to give you visible results sooner.

As long as you disinfect your roller, you can be sure that it won’t transmit any bacteria. Also, make sure that you are not rubbing the stone too vigorously as it can cause skin irritation. Always start from the centre of your face and gently massage outwards as you move up from your nose to your cheekbones. Use the large roller on your cheeks, jawline and forehead and the small roller for your eyes.

Always start from the inner corner of your eyes and apply gentle pressure as you roll outwards. You can use the jade roller on your eyelids, brow bone and also underneath your eyes and around your nose to help with lymphatic drainage and to target puffiness. This massage technique will also help relieve tension and address blemishes for noticeable before-and-after results.

You can consider keeping your jade roller in the fridge for a cooling effect. Using the jade roller straight from the fridge can also have skin tightening benefits. With diligent and daily use, your skin may seem to be brighter, firmer and more toned. No wonder it is the most recommended product in every recent skincare routine and people are fixated on this ancient Chinese beauty tool.

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