Project 365 2021: Week Twelve

We are on countdown to restrictions being lifted slightly, although Europe is now in the grip of the 3rd wave.

From Monday, groups of up to 6 individuals from different households or an unlimited number of people from two households can meet outdoors, although no social mixing is allowed indoors, other than for specific listed exceptions.

We are still encouraged to stay local, but the kids can start back to their beavers / cubs and scouts clubs – they cannot wait.

Here is our week:

Sunday 21st March

All plans for today were shelved, as my husband felt awful after having his COVID vaccination. For a man who is very rarely ill, it was odd seeing him barely able to leave the sofa, so we enjoyed a movie day and caught up with some housework instead.

Isaac and I both have to do lateral flow tests twice a week and we did chuckle at the fact they looked like pregnancy tests.

We were very excited by Line of Duty being back, although a bit annoyed we have to wait a week for the next episode – we like to binge watch now.

Monday 22nd March

Thankfully my husband was feeling much better today – not 100% but well enough to get out for a walk and some much needed fresh air.

We had forgotten that there was work happening, so it wasn’t the peaceful walk we had planned, as huge machinery is operating on the beach and a dredger is out to sea for the ‘top-up of sand’ operation. It was fascinating to watch though. Thankfully it is only on one section of the beach, so by the time we reached the pier, it was quieter.

We let Lilah walk on the pier and although she is only saying a few words, she would point to the sea and the beach. Her favourite spot was the butterfly selfie wall and each time we tried to walk away from it, she would turn around and walk back to it.

The weather was so warm that we even treated ourselves to our first ice cream of the year.

Tuesday 23rd March

With my husband back and work and the kids at school I had a day to myself. I caught up with some blogging and headed out for a walk and spotted some Magnolia in full bloom.

Wednesday 24th March

I worked the morning and then met up with a friend for a walk in the afternoon.

It is lovely to see the farms filling up with animals locally, not only did this cheeky robin follow us around, but we also got to see some lambs frolicking in the field.


Thursday 25th March

It was nice to be back at work after last week off and I have been donating easter eggs to lots of local charities for their Easter events. I need to work on my hamper design skills mind!

Our new dishwasher arrived, but haven’t had a chance to look and see how easy / difficult it would be to fit.

Friday 26th March

Another work day and once I got home, we reviewed some Silky Gel Crayons with the kids.

They are going through a real artwork purge at the moment thanks to all the tutorials on youtube.

Saturday 27th March

My husband was day off with the kids, so enjoyed a movie day, watching Raya and the Last Dragon.

When I got home, we attempted to fit the dishwasher. It took a good couple of hours as the instructions were very confusing, but we managed it and saved ourselves £65 for someone else to fit. When I say we, it was my husband with the occasional input from me LOL.

The evening was spent watching Saturday Night Takeaway and then my favourite series was also back on TV – Keeping Faith.

How was your week?

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021: Week Twelve”

  1. It’s so lovely seeing the lambs out isn’t it. Ours aren’t out up here yet, so will be nice when some are brought out here rather than up at the BIL where they lamb them. The cows are all going to be put out in the fields this week too. We’re line of Duty fans too, but for some reason the OH refused to watch it last week, and still hasn’t watched the recording. I watched it straight after once he’d gone to bed as I can’t wait. I’m presuming he’ll watch them all in a row, but god knows when – I guess I’ll have to watch a second time. He isn’t used to binge watching shows because he never watches Prime or Netflix, so no idea what his plan is.

  2. Oh no! That is rubbish your husband felt rotten after the Covid vaccine. I have mine on Saturday and I am dreading it.
    The lateral flow tests really do look like pregnancy tests. lol
    I feel like I am the only person who doesn’t watch Line of Duty. It is on my to watch list though.
    Lovely photos x

  3. Sorry that your husband was unwell after his vaccination – glad he is feeling better now. The lateral flow tests do look like pregnancy tests – I always think the same whenever I see them. I can see why Lilah loves the butterfly selfie wall. Love the magnolia in bloom and the photos of the robin and lamb. Well done on managing to fit the dishwasher. #project365

  4. Ice cream, Easter Eggs and some baby Lambs – all the things this time of year should be about! We have some Lambs near us, we want to talk a walk over to see them at some point over the long weekend.

  5. Sorry to hear your DH has been poorly after the jab, it sounds pretty rotten. Gorgeous photos of Lilah, you can hardly spot her among the butterflies. My DH is a fan of The line of duty. I tried to watch the 1st episode of season 1, and couldn’t finish it, for some reason it just didn’t catch my attention. I might try to give it another go, as everyone seems to be talking about it. The lamb is so lovely!
    Eddie commented on your gadgets in the photo with Sebby cleaning the floor. 🙂

  6. It does seem to be that the men react worse than the women. Glad he is feeling better now. I also much prefer binge-watching series so feeling the same about Line of Duty. Actually considering storing them all up so can watch them one after another. Magnolias are one of my favourites too so glad everything is starting to be relaxed again, just in time to see them.

  7. Hope your husbands arm is better now, I had the sinopharm vaccine and no side effects at all, strange how we all react so differently. Lilah looks so happy with the butterfly wall, she obviously wants the perfect shot. I think you’ve done a great job with the Easter Hamper packaging. The beach walk looks similar to ones in Dubai with machinery on them and being noisy


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