The Best Photo Editing Tools, Tips, and Hacks for Professional Looking Photos

Of all the different types of photos people take, selfies are the most likely to get edited. But almost any kind of picture can benefit from a few simple tweaks.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to make your pictures pop. Let’s look at some easy ways to make your pictures more attention-grabbing.

1. Use Presets in Your Photo Editing Software to Get Started

Photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom can be a bit complicated for new users. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to use all the buttons and sliders right away — stick to the preset adjustments to get started.

Most apps have an autocorrect feature that automatically adjusts levels, exposure, sharpness, and various other factors. This adjustment might be all you need to turn a decent picture into a great one.

2. Cropping Can Make Your Photos Pop

You should frame your photos properly when you take them but if something sneaks into the frame that you didn’t want, don’t be afraid to crop the picture. This can be a good way to straighten a slightly off-kilter photo as well.

Just keep in mind that you’ll lose some detail if you crop and enlarge the cropped photo so don’t get over-zealous with the cropping tool.

3. Edit Your Photos Before You Post to Social Media

Most social media apps, like Instagram, for example, have built-in filters to tweak your photos. Those tools work okay in a pinch but you’ll get better results with separate apps designed for photo editing.

To get the best results, run your photos through one of those apps before posting them to social media and ignore the built-in filters.

4. Learn How to Use Your Photo Editing Tools

Once you choose the app(s) you want to use for photo editing, spend some time learning how to use them properly. Read the documentation, watch some YouTube videos, and go through some tutorials.

You’ll get better results if you actually know how to use the software. You might find features you didn’t know about too, like a photo background remover or other touch-up tools.

5. Develop a Workflow to Speed Up the Process

Once you get comfortable with how to edit photos, you can figure out a workflow to follow with every picture. Following the same basic process each time makes it faster and easier to tweak your photos.

You can always change things up for special pictures but a consistent workflow will help you develop a signature style.

These Photo Editing Tips Will Make a Big Difference in Your Pictures

Whether you’re taking pictures to remember special events or you’re aiming for more likes on Instagram or Facebook, knowing how to use a few photo editing tools will help. The days of pictures fading away in a photo album are long gone so why not make them look as good as possible?

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