Review: WOW! Pods

I have been going to BlogOn Conference since it first launched and last year, Isaac and Eliza were also invited along as toy demonstrators.

Not only did they do an amazing job, but they also got to try out some fabulous new toys and one that really got them both excited were the WOW! Pods.

These hexagonal collectibles connect in a number of ways so that you can make your own unique awesome light displays across your wall, shelf, table or window ledge.

Move your hand in front of the POD and a mystery surprise hidden feature is revealed when the POD lights-up to shine a light on your favourite characters, which range from Disney and Marvel characters to Harry Potter and Jurassic World.

The UV lights stay on for approximately 30 seconds and reveal a hidden feature. They are quite sensitive to movement, but also have an on/off switch on the back of the pod if you want to switch them off and save the batteries.

The of the WOW! Pods have an added glow, such as the Joker’s hair and Dobby’s book.

WOW! Pods have an RRP of £14.99, although some are currently on offer in Smyths Toy Store for £7.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Harry Potter WOW! Pods for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are our own

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