Preparing Your Daughter for Her First Period

Did you know that the average age for girls to start having periods is 12 and is getting earlier compared to previous generations.

Eliza is 11 and in Year 6 and already a couple of her peers have started their periods, so it has naturally come up in conversation at home.

I have to admit, that I didn’t relish having ‘the talk’ with her, but it’s important that girls know what happens during puberty before it happens. I found that the “What’s Happening To Me?” book from Usborne was a really good start as it is a sensitive, but informative guide to puberty for girls, which tackles everything from body image to mood swings, hormones and first bras.

The bright, cartoon-style illustrations and scientific diagrams explain the physical and emotional changes of growing up in a simple and reassuring way, while the contents and index pages make key topics easy to find.

With Eliza’s help, we have put together a kit that she takes everywhere with her, in her bag.

Inside the kit is:

  • Sanitary towels
  • Panty Liners
  • A handbag-size packet of wet wipes
  • Spare underwear
  • A nappy sack in case she needs to bring dirty underwear home.

We have also been sent some WUKA period pants for when she needs them.


WUKA are the UK’s first reusable and leak-proof period underwear. WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass and they are on a mission to put an end to period poverty and to ensure sustainable periods are accessible to all. Every pair of reusable period pants prevents 200 sanitary towels ending up in landfill.

How WUKA Period Pants Work

Sanitary wear has changed for the better in recent years and WUKA Period Pants are underwear that fully absorb your period and doesn’t let it leak, so you can wave goodbye to disposable pads and tampons!

WUKA (1)

Each pair of WUKA Period Pants has a super absorbent gusset made up of many layers. The middle layers absorb and lock-in the blood, whilst the outer, moisture-wicking layers keep you feeling secure and dry. Each of their leak-proof layers are very breathable to reduce any smells and chance of infection.

All of the WUKA period pants feature a high and wide rise gusset to lock-in period blood and urinary leaks. Much like the different absorbencies in pads and tampons, period pants are designed to absorb different amounts of blood, between 5 to 60 ml, so you can choose which suit you best.

First Period Starter Kit

The WUKA First Period Starter Kits & Packs were created to ensure a stress-free start to periods. They have everything your teen/tweens need to start their period with confidence. Their range of starter kits include various different styles of period pants: hipster, bikini brief, and boxer shorts, so your daughter can choose what she feels most comfortable wearing..

What WUKA Period Pants are like to wear

I am a convert to WUKA period pants, having transferred to a Menstrual Cup a few years previously, despite being skeptical at first.

I have been having very heavy periods for the last year or so and in the first couple of days was having to empty my cup every two hours to prevent leaking. I have found that the period pants for heavy periods have been a godsend and keep me dry and comfortable for between 6-8 hours on my heaviest days, plus they don’t leak.

The pants are made from eco-friendly and luxurious TencelTM️ fabric, so are really comfortable to wear. They are slightly bulkier than normal underwear, but are breathable, even on hot days, keeping you fresher than if you were wearing a sanitary towel.

WUKA period pants start from £12 per pair, depending on style and flow. If you fancy trying them for yourself, my readers can get 10% off of any product over £10, using the code KARA10 

Have you tried period pants yet?

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