Project 365 2024 – Week 20

Well, we are officially in the midst of GCSE and SATs hell.

Actually, it’s not too bad so far – both boys are coping remarkably well. Isaac has put his foot down about extra revision sessions though. He attends the ones after school, but doesn’t want to do the weekend ones, not that I blame him.

Here is our week:

Sunday 12th May

A rare day off and was hoping to head out for a walk, but ended up playing Mum’s taxi for the kids busy social lives.

A day at home did mean that we heard the ice cream van arrive in our cup de sac, so it would’ve been rude not to.

We also had our first barbecue of the summer!

Monday 13th May

A work day for me and totally failed to take a picture as we had 5 people phone in sick on checkouts alone, so I was run ragged. Thankfully my kids are going through a phase of taking selfies and changing my screensaver to wind me up, so here is today’s.

Isaac’s English Literature exam went ok according to him and Sebby came out bouncing after his SATs – he was move excited about the biscuits after!

Tuesday 14th May

The day Isaac was dreading, an exam in his least favourite subject – History. Luckily it was Germany and the Cold War this time, so he found it OK.

I did a long shift, with my morning at preschool and late night at Tesco, so was a 13 hour working day in total. My husband was off, so got stuck into Sebby’s LEGO set that he has been struggling with.

He found that Sebby had made a few mistakes, hence he was struggling, so put him back on track and they finished it together when he got home from school.

Wednesday 15th May

My preschool day and it was a busy one. This time of year can be tough as the older ones are ready for the transition to school.

Lilah comes home with me on a Wednesday, so Eliza was teaching her the new Thumbelina TikTok dance.

Thursday 16th May

In a random coincidence, my husband had his Charity meeting the same day as mine, only he got to go to Manchester for his and I was stuck with Havant.

It was lovely to catch up with my fellow Community Champions and to find out some of their future plans.

Friday 17th May

Another work day for me and it was a busy one again. Isaac had two exams today; Maths and Geography which he said went ok.

My husband did an M&S shop and bought this donut – it was amazing, if a little sickly!!

Saturday 18th May

You guessed it – another work day for me. My husband tried to get Isaac up for his revision sessions at school, but he stubbornly refused to go. I think an exam everyday has worn him out.

My only picture is of Barney wearing his McLaren colours for the F1.

How was your week?

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5 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 20”

  1. Not sure why but a lot of your pictures don’t load up for me…not sure if it is just me?

    Bee has been doing her SATS this week too. That doughnut does look a bit sickly!

  2. I hope the exams are going well. Good on Isaac putting his foot down about the extra revision. My youngest got to that point last year when there was just too much revision and not enought time to relax.
    I love it when the ice cream van comes around and that barbecue looks so good!
    That Lego looks very complicated, well done with it. x

  3. Sounds like the exams are going well. Too much revision just overloads students at times. The ice cream never comes down our street, good job really or I’d have one every day.

  4. Glad the exams are going ok. I can’t believe they do weekend revision sessions. Ours only do after schools (I can’t see N staying for them but maybe he will by the time he gets to that year).


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