Project 365 2024 – Week 14

Easter holiday’s have arrived and with it, Eliza’s ski trip to Austria.

The first week of the holiday’s has been busy with work and packing, unpacking and packing again.

Here is our week:

Sunday 31st March

Easter Sunday and a much needed day off work.

At 15, 13 and 10, two out of three kids were still keen to do an Easter egg hunt and there was no way that Isaac was going to miss out on some chocolate.

They did one at our house and then we dropped in on Nanny. This time Isaac bowed out, instead helping hide the eggs for everyone to find.

The kids enjoyed catching up with their cousins and I got baby cuddles with little Arlo, my new nephew. I sadly didn’t get to see Barney or Lilah as they were busy, but I did get sent this cute photo.

Monday 1st April

Easter for us is a normal working week, unless you book holiday, so it was work as normal for me, but we opened a bit later, so I just got to tidy up all my community projects.

Meanwhile, my lucky husband was day off and took advantage of an unusually dry day to dry the washing outside. Our tumble drier has been working overtime this winter, so looking forward to some more dry days to do this.

Tuesday 2nd April

Eliza’s 2nd ski lesson and she was disappointed that she didn’t have the same ski instructor, as this one wasn’t quite so fun.

She had got the snowplough mastered by the end of the session and was able to turn as well, so I am happy she knows the basics.

Wednesday 3rd April

I swapped my shift to work today at Tesco, as I need to be off on Friday to drop Eliza at the coach for her ski trip.

When I got home, Eliza announced she had packed her bags, but was missing a couple of essentials, so we had a last minute trip to Primark in Bournemouth. £100 later………… although it wasn’t all for her!

Thursday 4th April

Another work day and Isaac had a GCSE revision session at school.

Our bearded dragon Willow, likes to sleep in some funny places, but this is the strangest yet! I wonder if she is waiting for a message?

Friday 5th April

Ski trip day!!

It makes a change to drop the kids off at a reasonable hour, all my previous school trips were at ridiculous times of the morning. Good luck coach – Eliza and her friend summer have an entire playlist of musical’s to listen to on the 18 hour coach ride.

Despite being thorough with her packing, a last minute zip issue on her carry bag, saw us changing her backpack and she forgot her iPad and water – there is always something forgotten, but we got a running commentary on the coach ride and they even managed to get an earlier ferry!

Saturday 6th April

I had an early start at work and awoke to a message from Eliza saying that German McDonald’s breakfasts aren’t as good as ours and that she got no sleep on the coach. However, their predicted 18 hour trip had been reduced to 12 hours, so that was a win.

My only photo was of our apple tree as it is starting to blossom!

How was your week?

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3 thoughts on “Project 365 2024 – Week 14”

  1. I think when chocolate is involved it doesn’t matter how old the kids are, they would still want to be involved. hehehe The egg hunts sound like great fun.
    It’s good to get the washing out on the line and it sounds like Eliza is doing well with the skiing, I hope she has a great trip. x

  2. Love that the kids were still keen to do an Easter egg hunt. Lovely to have cuddles with Arlo and that photo of Barney is so cute. So nice to get washing dried outside. Hope Eliza enjoyed her ski trip even if the German McDonalds breakfasts weren’t as good! #project365


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