Back to work it is then!

Well that time has now come after 39 weeks of Maternity leave – I have to go back to work!
Officially I return today (31st August), but as I have accrued so much holiday my first day in the office is 13th September – sadly they wouldn’t allow me to take more!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off, and am dreading the thought of going back to the hard slog, although I am looking forward to some adult conversation and be someone other than Mum.
So now I have started expressing milk for the days I am not home, and trying to establish a more fixed routine – no more booby’s when little lady demands it.  She is happy with solids now, so I have no worries about that but she grizzles when I leave for a moment – never mind a whole day.
You would think having done this before (4 other times), that I’d find it easy but that just isn’t the case.  I am no longer interested in a career for the time being, and would relish the chance to be a full time mum for longer, but sadly we just cannot afford it.
I am lucky that I am only going back two full days per week, and that hubby will look after the ickle people whilst I am there to save on childcare costs, but by the same token it means that we just won’t see each other.
I hope I don’t miss her firsts (crawl, step, tooth), and chances are I won’t – but that doesn’t stop me worrying!
Wish me luck – I’m going to need it!!

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