Jazz up your food!

Being a large family we don’t get out much, babysitters are pricey and the baby is still breast fed and just will not take a bottle!

We like nice food and not been able to afford to eat at restaurants we were looking for something different to spice up our meals when we came across Simply Sprinkle.


What is it?

It’s a ready mixed combination of spices that you simply sprinkle on your food to jazz it up! You can also add it to mayonnaise to make a yummy dip or olive oil to make a marinade or salad dressing!

My favourite is one called Cor Blimey which works really well with steak. I rubbed a small amount into the meat and Hey Presto, a really yummy treat.


My other favourites are Chilli Mint (great on potatoes), Garlic & Herb, Cayman, Hot & Tasty and Lemon Zing!


You can buy the spices individually or get a variety pack and they all come with a leaflet with serving suggestions and they are suitable for vegans too!

Please give Jonathan a follow at @simplysprinkle or take a look at his website at www.dwdips.co.uk

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