Our Christmas

We had a lovely time for Eliza’s first Christmas!

The kids got us up at a reasonable 6am to open their stockings from Father Christmas and it was lovely having them all piled on our bed, excitedly tearing off the paper. The older boys got through their fairly quickly but it was great to see 3 year old Isaac taking it all in. Everything stopped when he unwrapped his hand knitted Mr Bloom and the veggies!! (who needs expensive toys?)

Once the stockings were emptied off we went downstairs to the welcoming smell of fresh Brioche bread, made very well by my battered old Breadmaker!

I won’t bore you with the details of the day, but it wasn’t perfect (toddler tantrums when it all got too much and teenage sulks when they realised that they didn’t have as many presents as the little ones), but it was a lovely family day!

The kids loved all their presents and the family present of an iPad (or big phone as my toddler has christened it) was a genius idea. Just got to get them to share it!

Hope you all had fun and now looking forward to NYE and the normal hilarity of playing Kinect whilst drinking merry water!

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