My Frustration!

I have no idea what to call this post, I just know I have to get it off my chest!! I think I’m turning into a grumpy old woman!

You will probably think I’m mad, but our bins were not collected on Wednesday as they would normally. This causes me much frustration as the council decided that we would have to choose between having either a large blue bin (recycling) and a small black bin (general waste) or vice versa. We opted for the large recycling bin as those collections are every two week and general waste are weekly.

Anyway, I digress! I checked the website – no sign of the bin men having a Christmas break. We have had no leaflet advising us of no collection so I decide to fill out the missed collection form on the website and tweet my frustration!

Turns out that there are NO collections this week!! The week where the average household will generate at least twice a much rubbish as in a normal week!

So these workers, who went on strike earlier this month, have a holiday when the rest of us mere mortals would love to be off (well I’m a SAHM but hubby is working)

The reason, cited by Poole Borough Council – I quote “it’s unfair on the residents whose collection date falls on a bank holiday”! What?????

Bournemouth and Dorset have laid on extra collections to catch up yet ours are off. I just hope they clear all the mess next week, but apparently they will only collected two extra bags?

I caught my cat happily shredding a rubbish bag to get at its contents yesterday by some hapless fool whose bin was too full so they left the bag beside it! We have foxes and badgers too so I am sure they’ll have a go as well.

As for the dirty nappies – I’m quite tempted to go and leave them outside the Civic offices to see how they like it!

Am I being unreasonable to expect my refuse to be collected? We pay enough council tax for the priviledge!

I’d love to know if we are the only ones in this situation or if you have similar frustrations.

2 thoughts on “My Frustration!”

  1. That would drive me crazy as well, so you’re not a grumpy old woman (or maybe you are, and I am too!) We were missed out of a collection a couple of weeks ago, when our bin was full to the top, and we had to endure a fortnight of putting our smelly rubbish in the garage. Frustrating and nobody apologises. Bah humbug gnashes teeth

  2. My friend is putting hers in her garage but sadly we don’t have one. Ours is currently in the porch but I can see a trip to the local dump may have to be done. Trouble is we only have one car so can’t do it when hubby is a work.


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