Mothers Guide to Football with the Kids

It has come to my attention that there are a few mums (and dads) out there who are just venturing into the territory of kids football.

Here is my essentials guide:

Top 5 For matches: (Parents)

1. A good pair of wellies (preferably with a good thick lining to keep your feet warm) – you will be stuck in the middle of a freezing cold muddy field for at least 2 hours and Uggs just don’t cut it!
2. A long length warm coat (preferably waterproof) – horizontal driving rain and howling wind will always find you!
3. A good quality flask filled with the hot drink of your choice – other parents will look on enviously as you enjoy your steaming hot drink
4. A camping chair – you will want to sit down and it makes a good windbreak too
5. Thick hat & gloves. It doesn’t matter how warm your coat is – you need to keep those hands toasty and those ears covered.

Top 5 for Players:

1. Skins – this is a tight fitting long sleeved vest and shorts to be worn under the kit. This keeps them warm whilst playing
2. A nice warm fleecy tracksuit to wear over their kit if they’re subbed – those little legs get cold!
3. A boot bag – you won’t want those muddy boots anywhere near the car!
4. Gloves – these will get muddy but essential for keeping those extremities warm and snug
5. A change of clothes for the car journey home (or several bin liners to cover the seats)

Top 5 – Other essentials:

1. A bag for the dirty kit so you can transport to the washing machine without leaving a trail of mud through the house
2. Old newspaper to rest those muddy boots on whilst the mud dries! Don’t bother cleaning them whilst wet (although beating them together when first off gets rid of the worst)
3. An old screwdriver or piece of cutlery to remove the dry mud
4. An old toothbrush to polish the boots up
5. Make sure you have hot water ready for when you get home – your child will be filthy and cold!!

I’m sure I’ve missed some top tips – feel free to add yours below!

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