Pamper Patisserie – A Review

As a busy mum of 5, I don’t get much “me” time.  The best I can normally hope for is a nice relaxing bath, and even this is often interrupted with such phrases as “Mum – I need a wee!” and “Mum – where did you put my Football Kit?”

I have learnt now to a) ensure husband is home so he can fend off the kids and b) lock the door and put some music on.

I have long been a fan of Lush and their bath bombs, but I am always on the look out to try something new when I spotted @PamperNPlay running a twitter competition to win a hamper I thought I’d give it a go………….I only went and won!!

Pamper Patisserie

My hamper was filled with lots of lovely goodies from bath bombs, to soaps made to look (and smell) like cake slices.  They are so realistic that my 11 year old came into the kitchen and asked if he could have a slice of cake!! (brings a new meaning of them washing their mouth out with soap!)

My 18 year old daughter has pinched one of the soaps already (luckily I hid the bath bombs), and I have a Chocolate Gateau in my downstairs toilet.  It is currently working as an air freshener as I cannot bring myself to use it, but four weeks on it is still smelling divine!

Pamper Patisserie

The bathbombs were fantastic, smelled great and put that spring in my step but what I was most looking forward to trying was a Miss Patisserie Cupcake Bath Fizzy.  It comes in a cute box, with full instructions on the side and promises to create a bath of effervescent fizz and froth, softening the water and releasing gorgeous fragrances.  If I am honest, I was a little disappointed by the one I tried.  It is basically half bubble bar and half bath bomb.  You crumble the bubble bar part under running water for the bubbles and then add the bomb for the fizz.  Sadly the bubble bar bit didn’t crumble and the bits I managed to chip off didn’t bubble either.  I do have another one to try though, so fingers crossed for a better result.

Pamper Patisserie

The other goodies I received are like Bath Melts, only you can use them up to 4 times.  I love these.  You simply drop the brulee in the bath and watch as it releases moisturising cocoa butter and essential oils.  You simply remove after a minute or so and then save for the next bath.

Pamper Patisserie

With the exception of the Miss Patisserie Bath Fizzy, I love these products and they are kind to even my sensitive skin!  They make a perfect gift for a female relative, or older girl.  Why not have a look at their website or ebay shop see what takes your fancy.  You can also follow them on twitter @PamperNPlay and find out their new products first.

Oh, and they have some fab stuff for Hen Do’s too, but I couldn’t possibly put a picture on my family blog ;0) – check this tweet – Hen Do

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