Shade Me SunShade – Review

Despite having a Britax B-Dual pushchair with a giant hood I still find that on sunny days, the hood doesn’t shade Eliza’s legs.  I have been looking for something that can combat this and I think I have found it – Shade Me.
The first thing that appealed to me is that it is UPF50+ UV Protection for your baby when you are out and about!
The Baby Sun Shade fits easily to most prams, strollers and carry cots with existing hood, extending the shade and keeping baby sheltered from the sun’s harmful rays.
Attached to my Britax B-Dual

It took me a couple of attempts to get the fitting nice and secure, but once I had tightened the adjustable straps at the back I discovered it fit nicely.  The shade also as two clips at the side to attach to the buggy frame.

As you can see from my picture above, the shade extends the hood by a considerable margin and covers the foot of the pram nicely.  If I turn the seat around so the pram is rear facing, it has the added bonus of shading the second seat too!

It is also lightweight and folds up into a nice small package which can easily be popped into your changing bag or handbag.  We took it to the Jubilee Family Festival in London with us, along with raincovers as we were not sure what the weather had in store for us.

I am glad we took it, as the sun made an appearance in the afternoon. 

We took our smaller, Maxi Cosi Noa buggy with us to London and it was with this I encountered my first problem.  There was no bar to secure the side attachment to, as it is one solid unit.  However, I was able to attach it to the buggy hood at the side.  It wasn’t perfect as the Noa’s hood is quite flimsy, but it held and did the job.  I am not sure if it would feel secure on a windy day though, although it couldn’t detach itself.

Shade Me Sunshade
On the Noa

Shade Me Sunshade

It gave me peace of mind that whoever was in the buggy was sheltered from the sun, and kept nice and cool.  If you are going abroad to sunnier shores then this is a must have item!

Shade Me Sunshade
Isaac slept soundly shaded from the sun by the Shade me and a monkey mask!

The Shade Me Sun Shade is available to purchase from Kool Sun Ltd and Sun Proof for a very reasonable £25.  You can also follow them on twitter.

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