Home to a Cuppa

My entry for the Come Home to a Cuppa Linky Challenge, sponsored by Cravendale

We haven’t been on a family abroad holiday since 2003, but we have been away to stay with family in various parts of the country to get a change of scenery.

Packing for a family of 7 is always a challenge, and despite my eldest being more than capable of doing it themselves it always seems to be my job!

So, what is on the list I hear you ask?

  • Underwear – a pair of undercrackers & socks for every day you are away and a couple of spares (especially important for the toddler)
  • Capsule wardrobe – I always try and pack things that can be mixed and matched and I make them wear there jeans as that always makes the cases heavier, also including at least one snuggly warm jumper for those days when the temperature cannot seem to get above freezing.
  • Pac-a-Macs – I don’t care if the five day forecast says glorious sunshine all week, on past experience THEY LIE!!
  • Toiletries – The usual Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Deodorant, Toothpaste and brushes.  I do tend to buy unisex ones (apart from the deodorant), as I refuse to cart about several shower gels just because they all like different ones.
  • Swimming Costumes – just in case we get to a pool or the beach!
  • Nappies & wipes for the baby
I rarely take towels as these are normally supplied, but I do check first.
Then there is the really important stuff:
  • iPods
  • iPod / iPhone Charger
  • DS (and games)
  • DS Charger
  • iPad
  • iPad Charger / Case / Car Head Rest
The iPad was a family Christmas present last year and has been invaluable.  We have bought a headrest attachment so that the kids can watch films on long car journeys and it has been a real life saver in stopping bored children whinging!

We then have to fit in the buggy, raincovers, a few much loved toys and a whole heap of patience!

Hubby normally sorts out the house as he is very particular about switching everything off at the plug, with the exception of the fridge / freezer, which I ensure is stocked with a loaf of bread and something I can put a meal together with for our return and Cravendale Milk for that well earned cuppa!!

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