Equality amongst my children

Sometimes parenting is tough!! So tough you want out!

You know – when you can’t do right for doing wrong.

I like to think I treat my kids equally, but when you get questioned by partner and children it does make you wonder.

I do my very best to treat my children equally. It can vary based on their moods and circumstances but I like to think I’m fair, especially with such a large age range.

Sometimes the older ones feel pushed out because they do not remember what I did for them at a younger age and sometimes the younger ones feel left out as the older ones seem to get more!

I am strict with birthdays and Christmas – I refuse to get into the argument that so and so has more money spent on them, so i set a limit!

But what about attention?

My 18 month old probably does get alot more than my 12 year old – she needs it and at the same age the now 12 year old would have got the same. Then there is the 19 year old – I will always be there for her but she has a job and her own place so to a certain extent she needs to find her own way in life, as we have all had to.

I get that the teenage years are a struggle and hormones are partially to blame but I am struggling with the emotional blackmail.

At the same time I’m also contending with a husband who has a new boss and new demands, as well as my own job.

I love having a larger than average family as despite the bickering, the kids all adore each other but sometimes I cannot cope with the competitiveness! It’s hard enough persuading them that we don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ in terms of bedtimes and goodies, without them trying to out do each other.

How do you manage?

Is it different with step-children too?? I know hubby struggles with things being thrown back in his face even though he treats them all equally!

5 thoughts on “Equality amongst my children”

  1. I know what you mean, I am struggling with balancing time and attention between my 8 yo, 21 month old and 8 week old! It’s tough having 2 under 2. Luckily my oldest who is 13 likes to do his own thing, he also has aspergers and ADHD so can be quite challenging too

  2. I’ve a very stroppy clingy 2yo and a softy bright mummys girl 7yo. the 7yo seems to muss out all the time as the 2yo just screams spook loud for sooo long. I’ve just had he chat thanking 7yo for her understanding and had a movie night with her…

  3. I struggle with my 3 all the time. My 5 year old gets attention because he has to do reading etc for school and the 2 year old gets attention because she is the littlest, I try so hard not to let the middle one feel left out, but it is so hard to please everyone all the time. x


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