London 2012

We tried to get tickets for the Olympics, but sadly were unsuccessful.  When some did become available, they were way above our price limit, so we made the decision to stay at home and enjoy the coverage on the TV, which I have to say has been fantastic – especially Clare Balding.

I was scrolling through twitter on Thursday when I noticed one of my football ladies was looking to sell her Womens Basketball Paralympic tickets for Friday and they were such a reasonable price that I couldn’t say no.  I grovelled to Kian’s school to let him have a half day and packed him and hubby off on a train to London.  Sadly I couldn’t go as Eliza has chickenpox and we felt it would be too late for Isaac.

They have not stopped talking about the event since they’ve been back.  Getting off the tube they were greeted by the Games Makers, who were in uniform giving high fives to everyone they saw – what a welcome!!

The Basketball finals were held at Greenwich Park in the O2 Arena, so sadly they didn’t get to see the Olympic Park, but they were impressed with the venue nonetheless.

After getting some dinner (they had Nando’s without me), they settled themselves in the arena and waited for the matches to begin.

The first match they saw was the bronze match between USA and Netherlands.  Apparently the atmosphere was electric, with the Arena packed to the rafters.  What really made the experience was the entertainment in between – there was one Compere who did an amazing job.  He had the crowd up and dancing, and in one half time he organised a musical Basketball match between the boys and the girls.  Mexican waves became London Waves and I am told that the slow wave was quite a spectacle.
In the time-outs, the Compere got all the Dad’s to get up and dance, then the Mum’s and then the kids.  Kian (and hubby) had such a brilliant time.
The Netherlands beat USA 71-47 to earn their Bronze medals, and then it was time for the final between Australia and Germany.  The final was gripping and both hubby and Kian were raving about how good Kylie Gauci (11) was.  Sadly Australia lost out to the Germans team 44-58, but should be very proud of their Silver Medals.
Sadly they didn’t get to stay for the medal ceremony, as they had to zoom across London to ensure they got the last train home, but it certainly didn’t spoil their fun.  
Inspire a generation………they certainly inspired my children!!

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  1. Absolutely fabulous pictures. We went to Stratford on Sunday just for the closing ceremony vibe, even though we did not have tickets.
    I kind of regret now, not making an effort to get tickets.
    Liska x


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