Goodbye Chris Moyles Show

It’s the end of an era!

The last Chris Moyles Show on Radio One!

I have loved Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty since they were on Radio One in the afternoons.

When they moved to the morning show I was delighted as it meant I got to listen to them as I went to work. I loved the banter between the team, the comedy and the near the knuckle comments.

I loved Carrie, Dom and Dave’s football rivalry and then there were the interviews – sometimes cringeworthy (especially from Dom) but always brilliant and different from all the other run of the mill ones.  The gentle mickey taking of Aled, Rachel and now Tina.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same with Dominic the Donkey (eye-ore eye-ore) and what is Red Nose Day going to be like without Chris and the team.  Even the jingles were brilliant, I loved joining in Rob DJ’s Pub Quiz and Friday just wouldn’t be the same without McFly Day!

But my very favourite thing was the Parody’s. I’m not sure which is my favourite but Jose sung by Dom is up there, as is I Predict a Diet and Mouldy Looking Stain!

So goodbye Chris, Dave, Dom, Aled and Tina you will be missed by our whole family, but we hope to hear you again very soon!!

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  1. Sorry but I was never a fan of his – I found him obnoxious in the mornings. He is primarily the reason that I haven’t listened to Radio 1 for nigh on 10 years now. Much prefer Radio 2 lol !


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